Communication is Key: Why NRB Matters

NRB | September 29, 2021 | Encouragement

Whether you think of yourself as a communicator or not, we are all communicators by nature. Communication is key in our lives—not just because it’s your job but because it’s central to how we live and engage with one another.

Think about it. We live in a culture where we often feel surrounded by chaos and confusion. People are busy running from one thing to the next. People have voices and platforms like never before. Seemingly everyone has an opinion that they want to share.

There’s a lot of noise. And the noise isn’t always in sync. Sometimes there are opposing noises. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one noise stops and the next begins. Sometimes the noises seem random and leave your brain feeling cluttered.

But in the midst of all the noise—in the chaos and confusion—Christians have joy and hope and peace. How do we reach people with that same hope, joy, and peace? We communicate a clear and compelling message to them.

Communication is key.

As an association of Christian communicators, NRB is full of communicators who are trying to do just that. And it’s hard. It can be discouraging. We can wonder if the work we’re doing makes any difference at all. This is in part why having an association of Christian communicators is so important and why gathering together once a year at NRB conventions is so helpful.

“Having Christian communicators present at NRB is an amazing way to reach out not only to Christian audiences but to the world at large,” said author and journalist Billy Hallowell.

Despite the struggle of clearly communicating a counter-cultural message in a world of confusion, Christian communicators persist in their work with excellence because they believe that it’s important. They believe that it’s worth it. But we all need some encouragement along the way. The association of Christian communicators found at NRB is a community where you can be equipped and encouraged in your work.

One of the major places you will find this support is during the annual NRB convention—the world’s largest gathering of Christian communicators. At NRB conventions, you will learn practical skills and key industry insights from dozens of speakers. You’ll get practical advice on how to share a clear message of hope and life in a chaotic world—how to grow your ministry or organization, how to reach more people with your message, and how to engage your audience effectively. You’ll also meet key decision makers in all industries who can help you take your efforts to the next level.

Perhaps most important is the relationships you can build at NRB conventions. When you attend a NRB convention, you are giving yourself the opportunity to form lasting personal friendships and professional partnerships with fellow Christians who are sharing in the same mission of advancing the gospel in all the earth. When Christian communicators gather together under one roof at a NRB convention, you will find help, support, and encouragement to persevere in your calling.

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