NRB is a nonpartisan, international association of Christian communicators whose member organizations represent millions of listeners, viewers, and readers. NRB works to protect the free speech rights of our members by advocating those rights in governmental, corporate, and media sectors, and works to foster excellence, integrity, and accountability in our membership by providing networking, educational, ministry, and relational opportunities.

Members rely on the association for professional education, training, networking, and support, as well as for strategic representation in important legislative, legal, and regulatory arenas.

The unity that NRB members enjoy is founded in the bond we share in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. The association endeavors to strengthen this unity and present opportunities for members to forge strong, lifetime bonds. NRB strives to function much like the Apostle Paul’s intention toward the Colossians: “My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding” (Colossians 2:2).

The unity of purpose shared by NRB members allows the association to speak with a strong voice on issues regarding access to electronic media platforms and our freedom to broadcast the Gospel. The threat of silencing religious freedoms birthed the NRB many years ago, and that threat continues today. If not passionately defended, our religious liberties could be easily lost.

One of NRB’s greatest strengths is the diversity of its membership. NRB’s membership is an exciting blend of all forms of electronic mass media: radio and television stations, program producers, film companies, worship technologies, media arts, music-only broadcasting, internet communications, emerging technologies, and affiliated media-related agencies and groups that support religious broadcasters. The association embraces and continues to grow with developing media that enable greater access for the Gospel.

Founded to provide access to the airwaves, promote education and training for members, and to provide networking opportunities, NRB is your partner to promote the Gospel. Our members are dedicated to integrity, excellence, and advancing Christian communications.

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