Board Resolutions

Each year, generally at its annual meeting, the Board of Directors adopts resolutions. These resolutions are statements by the NRB as an association, expressing its support or opposition to domestic legislation, cultural movements, judicial decisions, geopolitical or international issues, or events of particular importance to NRB members.

Past Resolutions By Year

2024 Resolutions
  • Applying Wisdom in Use of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology
  • Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of NRB’s Founding
  • Commending NRB Members’ Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response Efforts
  • Condemning the Persecution of Christians and Religious Minorities Worldwide
  • In Support of Israel 2024
  • Urging Section 230 Repeal
  • Affirming the Biblical and Traditional View of Gender
  • Maintaining Access for Christian Broadcasters in the Video Marketplace
  • Opposing Weaponization of the Federal Government
  • Preserving AM Radio
  • Resolving to Stand Firmly on Scripture

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2023 Resolutions
  • Affirming the Biblical and Traditional View of Gender
  • Honoring the 75th Anniversary of Israel
  • Maintaining Access for Christian Broadcasters in the Video Marketplace
  • Opposing Weaponization of the Federal Government
  • Resolving to Stand Firmly on Scripture
  • Preserving AM Radio

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2022 Resolutions
  • Affirming the Right to Life
  • Maintaining Full Protections for Religious Nonprofits
  • Opposing Critical Theory and Anti-Christian Ideology
  • Opposing Deplatforming Based on Religious Viewpoint Discrimination
  • Opposing Federal Regulatory Overreach of Internet Regulations
  • Urging Strong Protections for Donor Privacy in Charitable Giving
  • Urging that Congress Oppose Passage of the Equality Act
  • Urging that Congress Pass the Local Radio Freedom Act

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2021 Resolutions
  • Calling on Legislators to Oppose and Defeat the So-Called Equality Act
  • Committing to Prayer for the Healing of our Nation
  • NRB Reaffirms Its Commitment to International Religious Freedom
  • Opposing Passage of the “For The People Act” (H.R. 1 & S. 1)
  • Protect Holy Scriptures and Religious Organizations from Being Labeled as Hate Speech and Hate Groups
  • Urging Congress to Take Action to Stop “Big Tech” Censorship of Religious and Conservative Viewpoints

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2020 Resolutions
  • Commending the FCC on Internet Restraint and Urging the Congress to Foster Free Expression on the Internet
  • NRB Ethical Standards
  • To Extend Invitations to US Presidents to Address the Annual Convention of the NRB
  • Urging States to Preserve and Not Threaten “Must-Carry” Rights of Local TV Stations
  • Urging that Congress Pass the Local Radio Freedom Act
  • Urging the Supreme Court to Uphold Religious Liberty as a Primary and not Secondary Right

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2019 Resolutions
  • Advocating Internet Freedom
  • Declaring NRB’s Commitment to Defending Freedom
  • Eliminating Government Subsidy of Public Broadcasting
  • In Support of Israel
  • Opposing Coercive Measures Against the Freedom to Believe the-Bible on Marriage Sexuality and Gender

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2018 Resolutions
  • Advocating Internet Freedom
  • Celebrating and Supporting Israel
  • Honoring the Life & Legacy of Evangelist Billy Graham
  • Opposing the Chill of the Johnson Amendment
  • Praying for Reconciliation and Peace in the United States
  • Urging Respect for the Freedom to Believe

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2017 Resolutions
  • Demanding Defense of Freedom to Uphold Biblical Marriage and Sexuality
  • In Support of Israel
  • In Support of Christians in the Middle East
  • Urging Freedom to Access Electronic Media
  • Praying for the Nation
  • Honoring Anne Dunlap for 40 Years of Service

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2016 Resolutions
  • Advocating Internet Freedom Globally
  • Affirming the Freedom to Believe in and to Speak about Biblical Marriage
  • Encouraging Christians to Register to Vote and to Vote
  • In Support of Persecuted Christians Worldwide
  • Supporting Israel and All Who Seek Peace in the Middle East
  • Supporting the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  • Urging No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion, Particularly Planned Parenthood

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2015 Resolutions
  • Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation in The United States
  • Commending The Supreme Court and Urging Congress on Religious Liberty
  • Praying for The Peace of Jerusalem
  • Urging The FCC to Reject Heavy-Handed Regulation of The Internet
  • Calling on The FCC Not To Auction Religious TV Off The Air

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2014 Resolutions
  • Advocating for International Religious Freedom
  • Calling on Congress to Uphold “Must Carry” Law for Religious Television
  • Protecting Broadcasting Freedoms
  • Protecting Religious Freedom in America

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2013 Resolutions
  • Affirming The Vital Importance of Must Carry Law for Religious Television
  • Calling On the FCC Not to Auction Religious TV Off the Air
  • Defending Religious Liberty in the Wake of a Supreme Court Assault
  • Fairness For Radio Regarding Music
  • International Religious Liberty and Free Speech
  • Praying for The President, Congress, The FCC and The Supreme Court
  • Protecting the Autonomy and Vitality of Non-Profit Ministries
  • Urging NRB Members to Support and Pray for ComunicadoresUSA
  • Urging Protection of Religious Freedom in Employment
  • Advocating for International Religious Freedom
  • Calling on Congress to Uphold “Must Carry” Law for Religious Television
  • Protecting Broadcasting Freedoms
  • Protecting Religious Freedom in America

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2012 Resolutions
  • Alternative Energy Sources Interference
  • Autonomy of Religious Non-Profit Groups
  • Christian Radio on Smart Phones
  • Commending FCC Chairman Regarding Non-Comm. Stations
  • Commending the FCC for Enforcing Indecency Rules
  • FCC Fairness Doctrine Elimination
  • FCC Not to Prejudice Broadcasters During the Spectrum Reallocation
  • Forced Move to VHF During the Spectrum Re-Packing
  • Future of Media
  • Honoring the Nation of Israel
  • John Milton Project for Religious Free Speech
  • Praying for Our President
  • Religious Liberty and Health Care
  • Restating Spiritual Mandate

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2011 Resolutions
  • Opposing The PRA
  • Urging Congress Caution FCC on Internet
  • Urging FCC Freedom of the Press
  • Opposing the Coerced Divestment of Spectrum
  • Opposing the New 1099 Reporting Rules
  • Opposing ENDA
  • Praying for President and Congress
  • Remember Our Armed Forces
  • Remembering Ben Armstrong
  • Billy Graham Award
  • Christian Persecution

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2010 Resolutions
  • Protect Religious Minorities in Iraq
  • Prayer for President and the Congress
  • Opposing Any FCC Investigation into So-Called “Hate Speech”
  • Opposing Forcible Reclamation of Broadcast Spectrum by the FCC
  • Opposing the ENDA
  • Reaffirming Our Reliance on the Compassion And Sovereignty of God
  • Further Study Before Proceeding With the “Open Internet” Proposal
  • Protect Religious Freedom and Free Speech
  • Urging MPAA to Protect Children By Rating All Movies

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2009 Resolutions
  • Access to Internet
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Indecency
  • Israel
  • Localism
  • Media Ownership
  • Prayer for President

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2008 Resolutions
  • Digital TV Transition
  • ENDA
  • Enforcing Indecency Standards
  • Financial Accountability
  • Freedom to Broadcast
  • Honoring the Nation of Israel
  • Opposing Hate Crimes Legislation
  • Performance Fee

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2007 Resolutions
  • Closed Captioning
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Grassroots Lobbying
  • Hate Crimes
  • Indecency Enforcement Efforts
  • International Access
  • Prayer for Israel
  • Unity in the Body of Christ
  • War on Terror

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2006 Resolutions
  • Fostering First Amendment Freedoms
  • Free Speech on the Airwaves
  • 2006-5 Seek Relief for Internet Radio Broadcasters and Webcasters
  • Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem
  • Respecting the Rule of Law

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2005 Resolutions
  • Efforts to Promote Decency on the Airwaves
  • Efforts to Protect Marrage
  • Equity in the Digital Tranision
  • Hate Crime Legislation
  • Negative Treatment of Religion on Prime Time TV

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2004 Resolutions
  • Affirm the Need to Protect America’s Children From Indecent Programing
  • Indecency in Broadcasting
  • Protection of Marriage

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2003 Resolutions
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Full Access to all Electronic Media
  • Honor George W Bush
  • Membership
  • Prayer Support for the Armed Forces
  • Television Access
  • The Houses Of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act HR 235 May 27

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2002 Resolutions
  • Banning Distilled Alcohol Advertising
  • Supporting The Ban On Human Cloning
  • EEO Rules
  • The Fairness Doctrine
  • Record Industry Artist Association (RIAA)
  • Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services (SDARS)
  • Supporting Israel
  • True, Fair And Equal Access
2001 Resolutions
  • “Must-Carry” Status For Low-Power Class A Television Stations
  • NRB Music Licensing Resolution
  • Affirming FCC Chairman Michael Powell

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Past Resolutions By Subject

Access to Media
Freedom in Media
Religious Freedom
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