Church Media Masterclass Provides Training for Church Media Staff and Volunteers

NRB | March 25, 2021 | Equipping

Let’s face it—serving in church media can be overwhelming. Church media staff members and volunteers often find themselves wearing a lot of different hats each week. That’s why NRB and Twelve:Thirty Media have partnered together to equip church media staff and volunteers with the tools and training they need grow and succeed in their church roles.

“NRB has been a long-time partner,” said Carl Barnhill, Owner and Creative Director at Twelve:Thirty Media. Their commitment to bringing together those who share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on radio, television, church media, and other areas is unmatched. NRB is the perfect partner for this project to bring some of the most talented and skilled people in the industry together to encourage and strengthen church leaders.

Church Media Masterclass is an online course that provides practical training and tools that can’t be found anywhere else. Course participants will learn first-hand from Christian leaders and church media experts who have spent their lives working in church media and helping church staff and volunteers grow their church media ministry in different ways.

“The locus of God’s activity in the world is in and through the local churches. Many of them had to scramble to go digital during the pandemic and want to continue this ministry even as they begin to gather again,” said Dan Darling, Senior Vice President of Communications at NRB. “Often church media teams are staffed by faithful volunteers trying to learn on the fly. This course really gives hands-on tools and help for churches of all sizes to take their digital ministry to the next level.”

Through a series of videos taught by experts in the field, participants will learn new skills, master cutting-edge technology, and grow both professionally and spiritually.

“We believe that God’s people should pursue everything with excellence, so this course is designed to help churches learn and grow in their ability to do ministry,” Darling said.

Whether you’ve been in church media ministry for 10 years or 10 minutes, this course can help equip you for both in-service production and for ministry to online audiences.

“The training from all classes is directly targeted at giving practical training to church tech and communicators,” Barnhill said The topics covered like livestreaming, social media, video editing, presentation software, and others are hand-picked to help churches be more effective in reaching their communities with the Gospel.

Church Media Masterclass is designed to be completed over a 10-12 month period, but you’ll get access to all course content immediately upon registration.

“I would encourage church media staff and volunteers to schedule just 2 hours every month to watch one class. You can binge watch if you want, but these classes are designed to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your context,” Barnhill said. “Digesting a little at a time, thinking on it, and applying it to your church context would be a great way to maximize the content provided.

With a top-tier instructor lineup including Nate Anderson a leader at one of the top livestreaming providers in the country and Brad Weston the founder of the leading presentation software for churches and organizations and incredible content, registrants will receive conference level content for under $10 a class. Not only are these instructors experts in their field, but each one has a heart for the church.

“I especially think this would be useful for an entire worship and/or media team to go through as a team,” Darling said. “And I want to encourage pastors and Christian leaders to proactively offer this as a learning pathway for their staff. Think of this as quality, but inexpensive training that helps carry your team to the next level.”

No matter the size or scope of your church and media team, Church Media Masterclass is designed to provide you with the tools and flexibility you need to pursue excellence in your ministry.

“I’m so excited for this course to encourage and train the church techs and communicators in the trenches of ministry,” Barnhill said. “Sometimes we can be thrown in over our heads at churches and asked to do things we just don’t have the knowledge to do. I have learned so much from the other instructors in these classes and I know the information will greatly help those who are planning, creating, and executing their worship experiences and ministries each week.”

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