What We Do


NRB equips Christian communicators to share the Gospel with excellence on radio, television, and digital platforms.

NRB Equips Christian Communicators

NRB is a unique group of people, united by purpose and message: to spread the life-changing truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every electronic medium available.

NRB works to foster excellence, integrity, and accountability in our membership by providing networking, educational, ministry, and relational opportunities. This includes ongoing training, helpful resources, and effective tools to equip Christian communicators to share the gospel with excellence on radio, television, digital, and every other platform or medium.

NRB regularly hosts events and webinars with high-level industry leaders and government officials to keep members informed about industry trends and equip them to succeed in their work. The annual NRB Christian Media Convention is a key part of the work NRB does to equip Christian communicators.

NRB Advocates for Christian Communicators

As the world’s largest association of Christian communicators, NRB is a powerful voice in Washington, D.C. Our advocacy team works tirelessly to protect and defend the rights and interests of Christian communicators. The political and regulatory battles of today will define the shape of Christian media for decades to come. These challenges require sophisticated and effective engagement in relevant legislative and regulatory forums.

NRB takes a strategic approach to advocacy on behalf of its members. In recent years we have had success advocating for issues relevant to Christian media and religious freedom, both domestically and throughout the world.  This includes a significant Government Relations outreach based on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., where NRB has established critical relationships that facilitate the process of protecting Americans’ ability to both share and broadcast the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


NRB advocates for issues that matter to Christian communicators, including freedom of speech, online censorship, and technology access.


NRB encourages Christian communicators professionally and spiritually through discipleship, training, and networking opportunities.

NRB Encourages Christian Communicators

NRB works to provide professional, personal, and spiritual encouragement to all of our members through discipleship, training, and networking opportunities. 

NRB strives to facilitate connections and relationships between Christian communicators through regular member events and the annual NRB Christian Media Convention. NRB also works to produce encouraging resources and original content to sharpen and build up our members. 

NRB members share a strong unity founded in the bond we share in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. NRB works to strengthen this unity and present opportunities for members to forge strong, lifetime bonds. 

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