WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: NRB Members Respond to Morocco Earthquake Devastation

NRB | September 14, 2023 | Member News

A catastrophic earthquake rocked Morocco on Sept. 8, resulting in a death toll of more than 2,900 and at least 5,530 injured. The magnitude 6.8 quake devastated Moroccan communities in the Atlas Mountains and has been noted by authorities as one of the deadliest earthquakes in Morocco in decades.

NRB members have issued statements in response to the devastating natural disaster.

VOICE OF THE MARTYRS: “Pray for Morocco in light of the recent 6.8-magnitude earthquake. Pray for Morocco’s Christians, many of whom are part of underground churches, as the entire country mourns.”

TRANS WORLD RADIO: “As the birthplace of our broadcast ministry, Morocco holds a special place in our hearts at TWR. Now with the recent earthquake, we’re bringing a message of hope and healing to thousands who have lost loved ones and have been left hopeless in its wake.”

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: “A catastrophic 6.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Morocco in North Africa late Friday night. Over 2,100 people have been confirmed dead, and more than 2,400 people are seriously injured. Please join me in praying for the people of Morocco and their first responders in the wake of this disaster.”

NRB members are currently on the ground providing relief to affected areas in Morocco.

Operation Blessing 

Within hours of the quake, Operation Blessing’s international disaster relief team has been onsite near the city of Marrakesh providing victims with critical aid and resources such as food, solar lights, water purification, and tents.

“We want to be the light. We want to be the hands of mercy of Jesus in this place. We need favor with the locals, we need more contacts, and we need access, too, to get farther on the villages. There’s a lot of needs,” said Operation Blessing’s Diego Traverso. “We [see] miracles happening, which is exciting, because we know that God is in action. It’s a movement and we want to be a part of it.”

Click here to donate to Operation Blessing’s international disaster relief team and to volunteer.

Trans World Radio

Trans World Radio (TWR) is broadcasting “When Your Whole World Changes,” a trauma-healing series in Arabic. The program will air on weekdays for twelve weeks beginning Sept. 19. TWR made available the same program following the Turkey/Syria earthquake devastation in February. TWR currently broadcasts a daily program from its Monte Carlo transmitter to the communities of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria.

“There are earthquakes, but with that goes spiritual earthquakes,” said TWR’s Middle East-based director of Arabic Ministries. “People’s beliefs, people’s faith have been shaken. And that’s an earthquake in itself. So, I feel [at] Trans World Radio our role is to work in that area.”

Click here to support TWR initiative.

Join NRB in praying for the thousands affected by the Morocco earthquake.

Photo above: Carol Guzer/NPR

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