Wait No More Celebrates 10 Years of Inspiring Families to Prepare Hearts, Homes for Kids in Foster Care

NRB | December 20, 2019 | Member News

Last month, Focus on the Family marked the 10th anniversary of its first-ever Wait No More event, which encourages prospective foster and adoptive families through education, inspiration and personal testimonies.

On Saturday, November 10, 319 people attended Wait No More at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado – where the first event was held 10 years ago – to hear about the needs of waiting kids in Colorado foster care.

According to Focus on the Family, 6,752 children and youth are in Colorado’s foster care system, with nearly 290 children and teens still waiting for a family. The ministry noted that the state has more than 3,800 churches, and “God has given Christians clear commands to care for orphans.”

“These kids are dealing with feelings of rejection, fear and mistrust, and we want to shine the light of God’s love to them through recruiting nurturing foster care and adoption homes,” said Dr. Sharen Ford, the program director of advocacy for children at Focus on the Family, in a press release.

“Children and youth in foster care are just one of the many groups that cannot speak for themselves, and we want to raise awareness of these precious children awaiting caring families in our own state,” added Ford, who worked for state child welfare in Colorado for 30 years.

As a result of last month’s event at New Life Church, 105 families reportedly initiated the process of foster care, adoption from foster care, or support for families that take on these responsibilities.

Moreover, as a result of a decade of Wait No More events across the United States, nearly 4,000 families have initiated foster care or adoption from foster care, reported Focus on the Family.

For those who were unable to attend last month’s event but would like more information, Focus on the Family has made available the attendee book, which features helpful information on foster care, adoption and supporting foster and adoptive families in Washington and Idaho, including contact information for local agencies and organizations.

For a list of upcoming Wait No More events, click here.

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