Truth Network Serves the Community with Mission in Mind

NRB | July 13, 2023 | Member News

The Truth Network, founded by Stuart “Stu” Epperson Jr., is a beacon of light in the broadcasting landscape with its commitment to biblical truth, community engagement, and inspiring content.

Epperson, an entrepreneur and committed Christian, founded Truth Network in 2000. Epperson’s deep-rooted faith and passion for broadcasting converged as he sensed God leading him to start a radio network that would provide honest, Christ-centered content to a wide audience. With this vision in mind, he embarked on a journey to build a network that would not only engage believers, but also resonate with those finding their direction spiritually.

The core mission of Truth Network is to “inspire all people to experience truth with sound Bible teaching and Christian talk through radio, web, mobile, and social media.”

The network seeks to equip listeners with tools for spiritual growth, foster community connections through audio programming, and encourage like-minded colleagues to do likewise.

“A passion that we have at Truth Network is to mobilize our listeners and to encourage all other Christian broadcasters to mobilize their audiences to share the truth,” said Epperson. “There are over two billion people on planet Earth who have never heard the gospel. At Truth Network, we are creating both programming and messaging that will encourage everyone to be a witness for Christ in an effort to reach that two billion.”

Prominent figures in Christian ministry and NRB members including Tony Evans, David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindoll, and the late Charles Stanley grace the Truth Network airwaves with inspired messages. The network also offers engaging talk shows that tackle contemporary issues through a biblical lens, creating space for listeners to explore the intersections of faith and culture. According to Epperson, callers often attest to the profound influence the network has had on their spiritual growth, knowledge of Scripture, and personal lives.

Beyond broadcasting, the Truth Network seeks to meet the needs of the local community by partnering with local churches, nonprofit organizations, local rescue missions, and pregnancy resource centers.

“It’s a priority to us to impact locally in every market we’re in,” said Epperson.

Over the years, the Truth Network has garnered a substantial listenership and has expanded its reach across the United States with twenty stations in North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, and Utah. But growth hasn’t been without challenges.

In January, the Truth Network endured a series of targeted vandalism incidents that resulted in the loss of three radio towers situated in western Winston-Salem, North Carolina. These acts affected both the AM and FM signals, and took Winston-Salem’s oldest radio station, 600 AM WSJS, off the air.

“I learned that when I am weak, He is strong,” said Epperson of the events.

Despite the “difficult season” these losses created for the Truth Network team, Epperson expressed gratitude for the immense support from fellow Christians and industry colleagues.

“We’ve never felt more love and support from NRB, from Christian broadcasters, and even from our secular broadcasting family than during that time,” he said.

Epperson also expressed his concern about the industry-wide challenge presented by some leading automakers’ plans to remove AM radio receivers from new electric vehicles. Truth Network ministers to the community through eight AM stations, and the potential elimination of AM radio from the dash would undoubtedly have an “adverse impact,” Epperson said. NRB has been actively engaged on this issue in Washington, D.C., advocating on behalf of NRB members on the AM band.

Epperson cites his father, Stuart Epperson, Sr., co-founder and chairman of Salem Media Group, as a major influence on his spiritual development and broadcasting expertise.

“My dad always consistently tried to honor the Lord and everything he’s done with broadcasting,” said Epperson. “Watching that model, watching that testimony, has been an inspiration to me.”

Over the years, the Truth Network has exponentially grown through its expansion to 30 Truth Network signals and over 400 national affiliates. Today, it remains committed to its founding mission of spreading truth and transforming lives. With its unwavering dedication to quality broadcasting, community engagement, and uplifting programming, this network serves as a guiding light to believing and non-believing listeners alike.

Truth Network has been an NRB member since 2000, and Epperson has served on the NRB Board of Directors and President’s Council. To learn more about the Truth Network, visit

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