The Bible History Guy is Finding Faith through Facts

NRB | August 3, 2023 | Member News

Jim Moseley, “The Bible History Guy,” embarked on a global journey in search of world religions, only to discover Christ.

In his youth, Moseley had a thirst to immerse himself in diverse cultures and religions, seeking a profound connection with God. He traveled the globe in pursuit of job opportunities and knowledge of world religions, exploring and experiencing various regions across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He made pilgrimages to some of the world’s most revered temples, shrines, and other sites—chasing, but never fully finding, spiritual enlightenment.

Despite his worldwide endeavors, the true encounter with God took place upon his return to the United States, when he reluctantly responded to an altar call at a church in California. In a moment of openness, Moseley prayed and asked God for deeper knowledge of Him.

In Moseley’s words, “My heart had become Christian, [but] my mind had not. I was so over-educated and arrogant, I thought I would never be stupid enough to be a Christian and believe in all those orally transmitted myths made up centuries after the events.” Moseley knew that his soul had been saved, but his intellectual uncertainties lingered.

Over the subsequent decade, Moseley engaged in relentless research and meticulous examination of the Bible, intent on challenging its authenticity. Yet, his dedication to inquiry led to an unexpected revelation: he concluded that the Bible was “both inerrant and historically accurate.”

“To my astonishment, the battering rams of ‘enlightenment’ kept splintering against the gates of Scripture,” Moseley writes. “Everywhere I turned—archaeology, paleontology, astronomy, history, physics, mathematics, and philosophy—the Bible proved right, and my beliefs proved wrong.”

Moseley’s journey to faith in Christ through intellectual inquiry inspired him to make those facts accessible to others. Coining his brand “The Bible History Guy” to signify how his faith had been cemented on the bedrock of historical and factual evidence, Moseley has written prolifically on biblical history and world religions. Moseley is the author of 26 fiction and non-fiction books, including most recently “The Biographies of Jesus’ Apostles.” He is the recipient of four literary awards and has written two commercially released screenplays. Moseley holds a Master of Divinity from Liberty University and is working toward his doctorate degree.

“I spent those ten years researching and challenging the Bible. Hence, ‘The Bible History Guy’— finding faith through facts,” said Moseley.

According to Moseley, the key to communicating Biblical truths is first and foremost knowing the Bible well, “understanding it horizontally (end to end) and vertically (comparing all parts of Scripture to all other parts).”

Moseley emphasized, “You cannot teach what you do not know. And you cannot read Scripture through a straw; you have to grasp it comprehensively. Once you do, it’s easy to simplify it for children or for people of low literacy and to amplify it on an academic plane. Without knowing the Bible well, a teacher will mislead lay people and alienate scholars.”

Moseley’s insight on developing excellence as a Christian communicator is to be authentic, yet adaptable to your audience.

“Be yourself. Don’t try to speak or write any differently than you naturally do,” said Moseley. “But at the same time, adjust your style to your audience: scholars receive things differently than children. The Emperor Charles V said, ‘I speak Spanish to God, French to men, Italian to women, and German to my horse.’”

Jim Moseley, “The Bible History Guy,” became an NRB member in May 2023. To learn more and view Bible history resources, books, timelines, and study guides, visit

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