Sen. Ted Cruz to NRB President’s Council: Three Ways AM Radio Bill Can Pass Senate

NRB | October 6, 2023 | Advocacy, Advocacy News

In an address to the NRB President’s Council at the 2023 Capitol Hill Media Summit, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) laid out the future of S.1669, the AM For Every Vehicle Act. With the legislation voted out of committee, Cruz described three potential routes for the bill to pass the Senate.

Unanimous Consent

The Senate may use unanimous consent to consider and pass non-controversial legislation. In this case, unanimous consent may be one possibility if current objectors clear the way forward.

“It looks like we have a couple of Democrat objectors and one Republican objector,” Cruz told Christian media leaders. “If we’re going to pass it by unanimous consent, we need Republican objectors and Democrat objectors to pull back their objection. So, I think your voices telling your Senators this matters, those voices are important.”

Get the Bill to a Floor Vote

“The other way we can pass it, we can convince [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer to take up the floor to schedule it,” Cruz said. “That’s simply a case of persuading him that it’s worth the Senate’s time and focus on the issue. If it came for a vote it would pass with 9+ votes but Schumer has absolute ball control over whether it comes up.”

Attach the Bill to Must-Pass Legislation

“The third way is to try to attach it to other must-pass legislation that’s moving through Congress,” Cruz said.

Looking at all three of these avenues, Cruz shared, “I’m committed to finding a way to get it over the finish line.”

Meanwhile, the House version of the AM For Every Vehicle Act (H.R.3413) has attracted around 75 percent of the support it needs to pass the House of Representatives. NRB continues to monitor this legislation, champion the preservation of AM radio, and communicate with lawmakers about AM radio’s impact on religious listeners across the country. Please contact for more on how to communicate with lawmakers about this issue.

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