Rep. Rodgers Proposes “Big Tech Accountability Platform”

NRB | January 29, 2021 | Advocacy

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) introduced the “Big Tech Accountability Platform” that will be the foundation for the approach Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee take towards regulating big tech companies.

“My sincere hope was Big Tech would do better, especially to contribute to America’s standing as a world leader in technological innovation. I hoped that they would understand and take seriously the significant role they play in our society, and not just within their own bubble that prefers sameness over creativity and diversity of thought,” Rep. Rodgers wrote in her proposal. “Unfortunately, Big Tech has broken any sense of trust that they can be fair stewards for speech and the truth.”

Rodgers laid out four guiding principles for this platform:

  1. Increasing meaningful transparency
  2. Enhancing oversight and accountability
  3. Pushing for consistency and objectivity
  4. Exploring competition issues so innovation is unleashed, not quashed

According to her proposal, Rodgers plans to address issues of big tech responsibility including questions concerning Section 230, content policies and enforcement, law enforcement, children, election issues, and de-platforming. She also plans to address big tech power, involving app stores, coordination, media, data, and e-commerce marketplace power.

As the GOP Ranking Member on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Rodgers cited this Big Tech Accountability Platform as one of her top priorities. Rodgers called for a member-driven approach, presenting this platform as a bipartisan, bicameral opportunity.

“We must address these urgent issues threatening free speech and encourage Big Tech to embrace American values that support democracy. We can get this right,” Rodgers encouraged. “We can usher in a new American era of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. We can protect and promote civil liberties. It is all possible. For America to win the future, we can and must lead the way.”

The Energy and Commerce GOP introduced Rodgers’ platform on Twitter on Tuesday.

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