RedBalloon is Empowering Pro-Faith, Pro-Freedom Employees and Employers

NRB | September 7, 2023 | Member News

In an environment where progressive ideology dominates the corporate boardroom, RedBalloon, “America’s #1 None-Woke Job Board,” is standing with companies and jobseekers looking for an alternative. Founded in response to increasingly agenda-driven hiring practices and corporate policies, RedBalloon aims to reshape the employment landscape by upholding constitutional rights and fostering productive, merit-based workplaces.

RedBalloon originated in 2021 as a local job forum on a mission to anticipate and address emerging challenges to employees’ rights in the workplace. Founder and CEO Andrew Crapuchettes identified the need for a platform where companies could pledge their commitment to respecting the constitutional rights and privacy of their employees. Simultaneously, job seekers would sign a pledge expressing their intent to focus solely on their professional duties, not divisive issues that impede workplace productivity.

“RedBalloon is quickly becoming the only choice for pro-American, pro-Christian companies,” said Lopez. “Companies like Answers in Genesis are being canceled from posting on Indeed and Ziprecruiter for their religious beliefs, so they come to us to find reliable, hardworking jobseekers that just want to get their job done without all of the woke nonsense.”

Thousands of individuals have sought refuge in the Moscow, Idaho-based employment platform, finding an alternative to “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) evaluations based on factors other than merit and skill. Lopez emphasizes that such policies hinder the merit-based recognition employees deserve.

“DEI evaluates workers on things outside of their control like their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, or who their parents are. Rather than evaluating them on their merit and experience,” said Lopez. “This has a demoralizing impact.”

Lopez highlighted the challenges faced by hiring managers under these policies. As evidenced by Resume Builder statistics, said Lopez, a significant percentage of managers nationwide have been directed to follow non-merit-based hiring practices, and many worry about their job security if they diverge from these mandates.

RedBalloon’s success stories attest to its effectiveness in fostering opportunity for those who value freedom, hard work, and a culture free from woke ideologies. Crapuchettes hears testimonials of lives changed by the job portal, such as a marriage that was transformed when a husband found a workplace where he could live out his worldview freely.

Over 3,000 companies have joined RedBalloon, and users have conducted over 1 million job searches in the past year. Looking ahead, RedBalloon is poised to “disrupt” the recruitment industry even more.

“The recruitment space can be extremely expensive, sometimes costing up to 30 percent of the first year’s salary for the position that is being filled,” said Lopez. “One of our new products is our premium service where companies can pay us to take on more of their hiring.”

RedBalloon’s premium service will streamline hiring for companies by thoroughly vetting and screening applicants and facilitating interviews to determine both skill and cultural fit, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting services.

“This is done at nearly an eighth of the cost of an actual recruiter,” Lopez added.

Crapuchettes believes in business leadership that glorifies God through an attitude of service.

“Our primary motivation should be to glorify God and enjoy him forever,” said Crapuchettes. “This plays out in business of having your priorities in this order: bless customers, bless employees, and then bless the shareholders.”

“Blessing employees focuses on nurturing personal development and preparing them for their future endeavors,” said Crapuchettes. “While shareholders remain integral, their ultimate blessing stems from prioritizing the well-being of customers and employees.”

RedBalloon has been an NRB member since May 2023. To view jobs, find your next hire, or learn more about how RedBalloon is influencing the values-aligned talent marketplace, visit To find open jobs with NRB members, click here for an exclusive NRB portal.

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