Reclaiming the Truth about Gender at NRB Convention

NRB | June 22, 2023 | NRB News

Genesis 1:27—which reads in part, “Male and female He created them”—lays the essential foundation for marriage, family, and society, yet this belief has fallen out of favor as the culture rejects the claims of Scripture, asserting instead that biological sex is “assigned at birth” and that “gender identity” must be affirmed, even through body-altering hormone treatments and deforming surgeries.

On Wednesday, May 24, Christian broadcasters, journalists, and media leaders discussed the dangers of denying biological reality, the negative consequences of gender ideology on individuals and society as a whole, and how the movement seeks to erode the traditional family, in an NRB Forum titled “Gender Confusion.”

Panelists answered critical questions, including “What are the roots of this movement?” “How is it damaging the minds, bodies, and spiritual health of the younger generation?” and “How should Christians respond to this ideological and spiritual error with biblical truth and grace?”

The challenging conversation was moderated by Christian radio broadcaster Janet Mefferd and featured panelists Libby Emmons (Editor-in-Chief at The Post Millenial), Lucas Miles (Pastor and Author), Dr. Jeff Myers (President of Summit Ministries), and Brandon Mark Showalter (journalist at The Christian Post).

“Putting your faith in a medical technology that does not have proven results is not going to help you achieve whatever it is you think is even possible. So the medical technologies themselves are lies and fictions and they are not effective to do what they promise,” said Emmons. “They are not magic. There is actually no magic pill that can make you change sex.”

Miles argued, “Those that are pushing these various forms of critical ideologies, they want a chaotic society. Why? Because they want to break down all of the western way of life, our understanding of truth, Judeo-Christian values, and the way to do that is to create chaos.”

Myers spoke on the profit-driven motives behind the ideology, saying, “They’re not saying that there is something wrong with your body, they are saying your very body itself is wrong. What do you do with that? Then the transgender industry comes along and says for 35k we can block puberty for you and then billions of dollars are being made. So, the industry is fueling the media.”

“This is just good, old fashioned spiritual warfare,” Showalter added. “This is the enemy of our souls waging war on the image of God as male and female. This is a totalitarian war on nature.”

This Forum was sponsored by The Epoch Times. At NRB Convention, the NRB Board of Directors also approved a board resolution stating that “NRB affirms the biblical and traditional view of gender and opposes any and all disordered attempts to reduce the true reality of the male and female sexes to a relativistic spectrum.”

To learn more about the annual NRB Christian Media Convention, the largest gathering of Christian communicators, click here.

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