“Perhaps Today” Campaign Captures Interest of Millions

NRB | November 9, 2023 | Member News

NRB member Dr. David Jeremiah and Turning Point Ministries recently launched “Perhaps Today,” an outreach that highlights the mystery and intrigue of the Rapture to point to the hope of Christ’s return.

In October, Jeremiah released his newest book, “The Great Disappearance: 31 Ways to Be Rapture Ready.” The book’s 31 standalone chapters are written to provides answers in minutes and address common questions such as What will the rapture look like?, Will friends and family recognize me in heaven?, and the enduring mystery of Why hasn’t the rapture happened yet?

Turning Point Productions, the production arm of Turning Point Ministries, has launched an accompanying digital campaign called “Perhaps Today” to introduce a wider audience to the topic through shareable, short-form pre-enactments, man-on-the-street interviews in Los Angeles and New York, and more. The campaign has succeeded in its simple goal—”get people talking about the Rapture.” Dr. Jeremiah’s book has received recognition across numerous best-selling charts.

By the numbers:

  • 9 million media plays of The Great Disappearance teaching series
  • 330 million pre-enactment video views
  • 5 million Perhaps Today page views
  • 28,000 requests for Your Greatest Turning Point booklet
  • #7 on the USA Today best-selling booklist
  • #6 on The Wall Street Journal nonfiction list
  • #1 religion nonfiction on BookScan

“I couldn’t have fathomed what has transpired,” said Jeremiah. “This campaign has surpassed our wildest dreams.”

Turning Point Ministries has been an NRB member since 1983. To learn more about this initiative, click here.

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