#NRB2023 Preview: Talks and Workshops for Radio

NRB | February 23, 2023 | NRB News

If you spend your days speaking, strategizing, or producing for radio, don’t miss these industry-specific convention sessions hosted by the NRB Radio Committee at the 2023 NRB International Christian Media Convention. Join your colleagues and counterparts to discuss topics like listener habits, crisis leadership, and navigating the regulatory landscape as you get informed and equipped for the challenges and opportunities for Christians in radio.


Beyond Broadcast – Creating a Compelling Radio Station App
Tuesday, May 23, 12:15 PM – 1:00 PM

Moderated by Yvonne Carlson (Chief Technology Officer at Global Media Outreach), panelists Juan Galdamez (Senior Director of Broadcast Strategy & Business Development at XPERI), Fred Jacobs (President of Jacobs Media), and Justin Tarsiuk (Director of Partnerships at Subsplash) will discuss how radio stations can lean into mobile-first strategies, understand audience expectations, and create compelling radio station apps.

Effective Fundraising during Economic Downturn
Tuesday, May 23, 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM

Bill Scott (Chief Client Officer at Vidare Creative) will discuss how you can raise the support you need during an economic downturn.

Sales & Revenue: Commercial Underwriting
Wednesday, May 24, 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM

The best media sellers understand that to write more and larger orders more often, it is imperative to find out what a prospect wants to have happen, and then demonstrate that investing with their offerings will give the prospect the best chance to make those things happen. In this session, Mark D. Levy, President of Revenue Development Resources, will focus on those key questions to ask, how to ask them, and give a quick primer on “the language of business.”

Christian Broadcasters’ 2023 Regulatory Review (FCC)
Wednesday, May 24, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

With a changing FCC constantly reviewing the broadcast regulatory landscape, where are the hotspots and trapdoors for broadcast stations? What areas is the FCC scrutinizing that can result in fines or complaints? What FCC policies could change and bring new regulations or new opportunities? Come get the perspective of two veteran attorneys Joseph Chautin III (managing partner at Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin, LLP) and David D. Oxenford (partner at Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP), moderated by Noelle Garnier (Director of Public Policy & Communications at NRB), with a front-row seat on where the regulatory microscope is focused today. Informed vigilance is key for today’s broadcasters. Is your station there yet? Start here.

Music Licensing Boot Camp
Wednesday, May 24, from 12:15 PM – 1:00 PM

Are you looking to decode music licensing for your stations, or just want to know why everyone in the music industry seems to be suing everyone else all the time? Join the NRB Music License Committee for an informative, fast-paced boot camp with Scott Hunter (Executive Director at NRB Music License Committee), Karyn K. Ablin (member/partner at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC), Eben Fowler (Vice President of Operations at Bott Radio Network), Bill Harrier (Vice Chairman of NRB Music License Committee and Compliance Manager at Radio Training Network), and Harv Hendrickson (Chairman at NRB Music License Committee and Media Consultant) covering key and current music licensing topics for radio broadcasters.

NRB Talks

No Time to Go Wobbly on Jesus –– How to Relate to the Audience and the Current Cultural Moment
Tuesday, May 23, from 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

The culture we are speaking into has changed dramatically, and we must fundamentally re-think how we communicate. Brant Hansen (author and radio personality of “The Brant Hansen Show”) will talk about the changes he’s made in his own approach as a syndicated radio host and author and how it’s driving audience growth.

Crisis Leadership
Tuesday, May 23, 1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

Lauren Libby (President & CEO of Trans World Radio) will discuss how leadership can be effectively strategized during crisis situations.

Research Presentation – Enhancing Your Fundraising Decisions with Actionable Donor Data
Wednesday, May 24, 1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

In a day of increasing competition for donations, you can’t afford to guess about the attitudes and preferences of your donors. You need actionable data to make the most strategic, cost-effective decisions. Derric Bakker (President of DickersonBakker) and Dr. Paul Virts (Senior Consultant for Research at DickersonBakker) in this session will provide you with hard data from two recent national studies of Christian radio donors and non-donors. You’ll learn how today’s donors expect to be treated. You’ll find the most effective channels for communicating with them. As a bonus, you will see what other causes your donors give to. And we’ll give you a cost-effective way of learning more about your donors.

Research – Why Listen Survey
Wednesday, May 24, 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

From the just-released nationwide survey of Christian radio listeners, Why Listen Survey 2023, veteran consultant Chuck Finney (President of Finney Media) shows why listeners listen, why they give and why they leave. Come ready to absorb research, stories and information you can use next week at your ministry.

Be sure to check out other Talks and Workshops topics and view the full convention schedule, by clicking here. Register for the NRB 2023 International Christian Media Convention at the Orlando World Center Marriott before rates increase on April 14!

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