#NRB2022 Preview: Making the Pitch

NRB | January 27, 2022 | NRB News

For Christian communicators interested in developing television programs, writing scripts, or pitching their work to producers who can bring it to life, NRB 2022 has several important sessions in store.

Workshop: How to Pitch Your Script

In the “Hollywood storytelling machine,” nearly every conversation begins or ends with some kind of a pitch, says writer and producer Catherine Clinch, host of the “How to Pitch Your Script” workshop at NRB 2022.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming pitch (including NRB’s Pitch-a-thon!), her workshop offers the chance to learn from a seasoned professional how to tell your story in a single sentence and a series of images that will grab the attention of buyers and make them want to hear more.

“Everything you want to accomplish begins with a story and follows a series of ‘rules’ that have enabled effective storytelling since Jesus commanded the Apostles to ‘go forth and teach all nations,’” Clinch says. “You may have an incredible story to tell, but if you can’t ‘pitch’ it to the producers and companies that can get it to the screen, your story may never go beyond the people in your immediate circle.”

“Each year, I come to NRB to share the skills I learned writing for classic television series,” she shares. “Then, I introduce NRB workshop participates to current trends and formats that are emerging in the entertainment industry to help them improve their pitches. Whether you want to sell a movie or a book or just enhance your storytelling skills to increase engagement in your ministry, my presentation will get you off to a strong and steady start.”

Hear more of Catherine Clinch’s insights and learn how to pitch your script on Friday, March 11, at 10:00 a.m. on the Ryman Workshop Stage!

NRB 2022 Pitch-a-thon

If you have a full-fledged film or video project, a screenplay you’d like to see made into a movie, a written work that belongs on the screen, or a manuscript for a book you’d like to publish, the NRB 2022 Pitch-a-thon is for you.

At one of the final events of convention, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your project to major distributors face-to-face. We’re excited to have representatives present from:

  • Pure Flix (Jim Schubert, Linda Blazy)
  • ​Pinnacle Peak Pictures (Dave Mechem)
  • Provident Films (Ashley Chambless)
  • 24 Flix (Isaac Hernandez, Gladys Hernandez, Marty Jean-Louis)
  • BMG Global (David E. Austin, Allex Rozebloom, Steve Bulzoni)
  • Christian Cinema / Giving Company (David Henriksen, Doug Weiss)
  • Collide Media Group (Bob Elder, Emma Ardor)
  • Exploration Films (Stephen Penn)
  • Green Apple Entertainment (Joshua Carpenter)
  • Inspiration TV On Demand (Lisa Mouradian)
  • Kingsway CLC Trust (Stephen Briggs)
  • LOOR-TV (Marcus Pittman, Jason Farley)
  • Ocean Avenue Entertainment (Chris Bueno)
  • Vision Video (Linda Curtis, Larry Baer)

Over the past eight years, the NRB Pitch-a-thon has resulted in numerous completed deals, and a number of participants have received offers for distribution for their films, documentaries, short films, and other projects and screenplays. Join us Friday, March 11 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at NRB 2022! Please note: A Full, Expo Plus, or Friday-Only Registration is required to participate in the NRB 2022 Pitch-a-thon.

NRB 2022 TV Showcase

Are you a producer who is looking for exposure for your programs? Join us at the NRB 2022 TV Showcase on Tuesday, March 8 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. and showcase your programs to a wide range of network program directors and station managers!

The NRB 2022 TV Showcase is also an opportunity for those in need of programs to see what is available, get contact information, and talk with producers and directors. Station managers and program directors find the event a convenient opportunity to check out new products and see current work that may not yet be owned by networks or affiliates.

Please note: Anyone can enter a showcase submission, but you must have a Full, Expo Plus, or Tuesday-Only registration in order to attend the TV Showcase.

NRB convention is about much more than listening and taking notes—it’s about building real-life relationships, honing your media skills, and gaining visibility for your work. Take full advantage of the opportunities NRB 2022 has to offer by registering today!

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