NRB Welcomes Twenty–One New Members

NRB | March 30, 2023 | Press Releases

March 30, 2023

Noelle Garnier

NRB Welcomes Twenty–One New Members

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NRB) – The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), the world’s largest association of Christian communicators, is pleased to announce the addition of twenty–one organizations and individuals as NRB members in the first quarter of 2023.

“We are thrilled to announce the induction of our newest members into the NRB family,” stated Troy A. Miller, President & CEO of NRB. “Their extensive experience and dedication to excellence in Christian communications and ministry will undoubtedly enrich the NRB community and inspire others to advance the Gospel.”

Full Member Companies

Be Free Ministry, Inc.

Be Free Ministry is an international missions and media ministry, a local House of Prayer in Ellijay, GA, and the founder of the Magdala Bible School, an online ministry and Bible training program. Since January 2022, Be Free Ministry’s outreach on international television and satellite broadcast networks has extended to over 195 nations, from which over 100,000 salvations and hundreds of testimonies of healing have come.

Brinkman Adventures

Brinkman Adventures is an exciting radio show that tells true, modern missionary stories through the fictional Brinkman family. Their goal is to inspire new missionaries while highlighting worthy ministries. “Brinkman Adventures” has shared stories on Steve Saint, Operation Shoe Box, Dave Eubank, Russ Stendal, and many others.

Imago Consulting

Imago Consulting, launched by Dave Raley, seeks to help organizations grow through sustainable innovation. They help clients create profitable growth by helping them accelerate sustainable innovation—what they should strengthen, what to stop doing, and what to start. They help leaders identify trends, respond to disruption, develop new initiatives, and create action plants to get implemented. Imago’s clients include The Salvation Army, Masterworks, and Christian Leadership Alliance.

Life Factors Fatherless Ministries

Life Factors Ministries is a non-profit ministry currently focused exclusively on leading fatherless families to the Heavenly Father. Since 2008, Sean and Jackie Teis have been evangelizing & discipling fatherless families through speaking, creating unique resources, and partnering with local churches through Life Factors Fatherless Ministries. They have authored six books for fatherless families and those in similar situations.

MARC Ministry Solutions

MARC Ministry Solutions is a Christian Radio and Television Rep Firm with the mission to help independently owned radio and television stations place paid Christian Teaching/Talk shows. They are a turnkey solution for their clients, offering marketing, sales, and accounts receivables support. Scott Miller is their Chief Revenue Officer. Scott is known in the Christian Teaching/Talk space, having built the Christian Talk Station for SIRIUS Satellite Radio in 2005, before the merger with XM.

Radio 7 ­– Albania

Radio 7 began broadcasting in 2002 from a modest studio and with most of the staff volunteering. Today, they are broadcasting on three frequencies as well as online. Radio 7 is a positive voice through daily music selections and informative, educational, and social programs using biblical principles as the core of the content of their programs. The name Radio 7 comes from the biblical symbolism of the number 7 as the day of rest and physical and spiritual peace. Through its broadcasts, Radio 7 seeks to give listeners rest and peace no matter how noisy the day is in the cities where they live.

Tajalli Media Ministries, Inc.

Tajalli Media Ministries, Inc. is of Christian faith and believes in the authenticity of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. They love all Muslims from all sects and various beliefs and believe in freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the principles of peaceful coexistence among all human beings. They broadcast shows that share the message of Jesus Christ and his free gift of salvation to speakers of Urdu and other South Asian languages. Their goal is to have open discussions on faith and religious issues based on mutual respect and truthfulness.

The Pastors

The Pastors is a TV talk show discussing everyday issues from loving pastors’ biblical perspectives. Their mission statement is to help bring insight to everyday issues by providing biblical and experiential understanding. On “The Pastors,” there is no criticism, no name-calling, just sharing loving truth as Jesus did. Collectively, the four pastors have ministered for nearly five decades.

Associate Company

L & S Enterprise

L & S Enterprises got its start in the communications business in 1996. As a company, they have facilitated Christian broadcasting all over the world through different mechanisms. This includes sending manpower to install radio stations on mountain tops in Ecuador or deploying a team to repaint a tower in a remote part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. L & S Enterprises networks with many communication/radio engineers and radio stations. They also do consulting work, and network to get donated equipment into Christian radio stations.

Revere Payments

Revere Payments is a Christian owned and operated payment technology company. Businesses and organizations of every type and size use Revere Payments to accept payments, donations, and contributions confidently. Revere protects American businesses, churches, non-profits, and others from the most prominent payment companies with radical leftist agendas and the cancel culture they use to endanger your ability to do business.

Tyndale House Publishers

Tyndale House Publishers was founded in 1962 by Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor as a means of publishing The Living Bible. Tyndale publishes Christian fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and other resources, including Bibles in the New Living Translation (NLT). Their mission is to minister to the spiritual needs of people, primarily through the publication of literature consistent with biblical principles and through grants to other charitable entities.

Yes God Can Ministries, Inc.

Yes God Can Ministries is working to empower pregnant teens and unwed mothers via training on life survival skills. They provide career planning tools and parenting skills as well as biblical solutions to everyday issues. The ministry is also launching a TV talk show titled “Ask Mama D.” The talk show will consider the ills of society and discuss biblical solutions to the issues we are facing today to enable viewers of all races and ethnicities to meet life’s challenges of today, tomorrow, and the future. Dr. Diana Banks (AKA “Mama D”) is known by colleagues, friends, and family as one of the most insightful, powerful, compassionate, and empowered women of faith in business and ministry today.

Full Individual

Angel Pennyman

Angel Pennyman is the founder and executive director of Beautiful In His Time Ministries. Their mission is to inspire, equip, support, and disciple women to live in God’s purpose for their lives. The focus is to provide opportunities for women to study the Word of God and build community, thereby equipping them to use their God-given gifts and talents. Angel currently writes via her personal blog, speaks at women’s ministry conferences, and will soon be launching a podcast.

Dan Scott

Dan Scott is the host of “The Dan Scott Show,” a weekly one-hour Christian talk show airing in multiple markets; he is also the Steward of Grand Slam Ministries. Grand Slam Ministries exists to share the love of Jesus Christ via multiple platforms; to mentor young men into becoming strong Christians, husbands, and fathers; and to make sure our children have the resources to live normal, happy lives. Dan has been in the media industry for nearly four decades, starting at his hometown radio station at the age of eighteen. Dan currently serves as the Director of Broadcasting at Furman University, where he serves as the play-by-play voice of Paladin football and men’s basketball, in addition to hosting coaching shows and podcasts covering the full spectrum of Furman sports, coaches, student athletes, and staff. One of the stations that airs his show, WGTK-FM, is owned by the Salem Media Group.

Dr. Durussia Jenkins

Dr. Durussia Jenkins, who has a Doctorate of Christian Theology, has been writing and working in the ministry and media for over 40 years. Dr. Jenkins, through Dunamis Power Ministries, has been mandated with the call to teach the nations of the goodness of God through all means of media and meetings. DPM, through its website, literature, social media, streaming, and soon film, will continue spreading messages of hope to the generations present and future.

Joseph Cliff Langston

Cliff Langston has been the Traffic and Compliance Coordinator for Radio Training Network since December 2020. The mission of Radio Training Network is to extend the reach of the Christian community by affirming that which is positive in our culture and penetrating our world as salt and light with the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cliff cut his teeth in radio at WMSL in Athens, Georgia, and gained critical experience in radio trafficking and automation, production, programming, engineering, and administration during his six years there. Cliff’s goal is to provide the strongest “first line of defense” possible so that the message of Jesus can continue to be shared via RTN brands and airwaves for many years to come.

Joshua Aaron

Joshua Aaron has been a full-time singer/songwriter since the year 2009, when he first moved to Israel. He has been a firm believer in Jesus (Yeshua) since he was five years old and still continues to share his faith in song to this day, some 40 years later. He is launching a new non-profit “Gather the Nations,” a global worship organization aimed to gather the nations, sharing the gospel, and preparing the way for the return of the Messiah, Jesus. They aim to do just that as their team hosts an annual “Gather” worship conference, international outreach, and music mentorship programs.

Lucas Miles

Lucas Miles is a trusted voice in the American church who has consistently addressed some of the most challenging topics in theology, politics, and culture. He is the host of EpochTV’s “Church and State” as well as Faithwire’s “The Lucas Miles Show” and a cohost of “The Church Boys” podcast, where he has interviewed some of the biggest names in media, such as Mario Lopez, Jim Cavaziel, Kathie Lee Gifford, Candace Bure, and Sean Hannity. Lucas is also president of the Nfluence Network, which is a church planting and resourcing organization based in South Bend, IN. Their mission is to bring grace to the world by bringing the Gospel of the grace of our Lord Jesus back into the mainstream culture of society.

Michelle Mendoza

Michelle Mendoza has been a talk show host in major markets on Christian stations. As a broadcaster, she is committed to the spread of Biblical truth. Through her organization Find Your Voice, Michelle offers communication training, message niching, and broadcast education. While they do reach a secular audience, the Gospel is interwoven into their messaging, classes, and devotional as a way to encourage believers and reach the unsaved.

Associate Individual

Lynette Eason

Lynette Eason is the best-selling, award-winning author of over sixty-five books, including the Women of Justice series, the Deadly Reunions series, the Hidden Identity series, the Elite Guardians series, and the Blue Justice series. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Faith, Hope, and Love chapter.

Mark Burrell

Mark Burrell is originally from Pennsylvania and grew up in the Episcopal Church, where he accepted Christ as a teenager. In 1987, Mark developed a mentoring relationship with an experienced pastor and spent several years studying Systematic Theology. He began teaching ministry in the early 1990s, covering a variety of topics, and in the late 1990s, became interested in biblical aspects of the American founding. Mark is the CEO of Defend American Liberty, which believes every Christian has a citizenship duty and that there are Christians whom God has equipped and who have been called to serve in civil government. They see the church as responsible for training these civil servants and the rest of their congregation in these citizenship responsibilities.


About NRB

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About the NRB Convention 

The annual NRB International Christian Media Convention is the largest nationally and internationally recognized event dedicated solely to assist those in the field of Christian communications. The dynamic and award-winning Exposition consists of dozens of organizations and is an active marketplace for those seeking products and services to enhance their own organization. The next Convention will be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida, May 22-25, 2023. For more information, go to

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