NRB Welcomes Newly Elected, Re-Elected Standing Committee Members for 2020

NRB | April 2, 2020 | NRB News

NRB has released this year’s list of members and chairs for NRB’s Standing Committees – several of whom were nominated and elected for the first time during the NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention held February 25-28 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Established to advance the overall mission of NRB, Standing Committees serve the unique interests of specific constituencies within the NRB family – namely, Church Media, Digital Media, Film, Intercollegiate (iNRB), International, Music License, Radio, and Television.

Among the ways Standing Committees render valuable and helpful assistance to the NRB are:

  • developing educational and training opportunities made available through NRB Conventions and other venues;
  • identifying and developing specific member benefits that will strengthen NRB members’ ability to fulfill their ministry’s purpose;
  • evaluating industry developments, trends, and technologies that may impact NRB members’ ability to fulfill their mission; and
  • providing relevant news and information for inclusion in NRB communication devices to keep NRB members informed on important matters.

In addition, all Standing Committee chairs not already on the Board of Directors serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

Following is the list of this year’s Standing Committee chairs and members, with new chairs and members denoted:


Joshua Weiss – Chair
Carl Barnhill (new)
Darrell Law
Josh Miller (new)
Andy Stevens (new)


Doug Weiss – Chair
Yvonne Carlson
Sandy Ellingson
Diego Hernandez
Josh Kashorek (new)
George Konetes
Sam Rinearson
Bryan VanHaitsma (new)
Ron Weber


Robert Baehr – Chair
Ted Baehr
Evy Carroll (new)
Jared Geesey
Paul Sirmons
Bill Stevens


Shurajit Gopal, North Greenville University – Chair
Kornel Gerstner, Liberty University (new)
Michael Freeman, Lancaster Bible College
Christy Jung, Hannibal LaGrange University (new)
Randall King, North Greenville University (new)
Susan Pahlau, Colorado Christian University
Joe Rinehart, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
Jeff Young, Louisiana College
Christopher Zydowicz, Bob Jones University


Tim Whitehead – Chair
Dave Young
Luisa Collopy
Jeffrey Anderson
Chuck Pollak
Storley Michel
Roger Lonnquist
Bonnie Sala
Arnold Enns
Ashvin Dhyriam
Wayne Pederson


Jennifer Epperson – Chair
Sharon Geiger – Vice Chair
Colleen Dick
Chuck Finney
Eben Fowler
Chris Kinsel
Ross McCampbell
Michael Shelley (new)
Sandra Swann


Tore Stautland – Chair
Perry A. Atkinson
Greg Bogdan
Raymond T. W. Cradock
Mark Dreistadt
Rod Hembree (new)
Lee Miller
Jeff Millslagle
Gawdat Mtrious (new)
Dorothy Spaulding (new)
Warren Trumbly (new)
Gregory West (new)


Bill Blount – Co-Chair
Russell Hauth – Co-Chair

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