NRB Welcomes Fifteen New Members

NRB | June 20, 2024 | Press Releases

June 20, 2024

Noelle Huizenga

NRB Welcomes Fifteen New Members

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NRB) – The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), the world’s largest association of Christian communicators, is pleased to announce the addition of 15 organizations and individuals as NRB members in the second quarter of 2024.

“We are delighted to welcome these fifteen new members into the NRB family,” said President & CEO Troy A. Miller. “There’s never been a more important time to stand together, and each new member brings unique experience and expertise that benefits our coalition of Christian communicators.”

Full Member Companies:

American Evangelical Bible College and Seminary

Established to provide professional and affordable Christian higher education, the American Evangelical Bible College and Seminary (AEBC) offers professional and affordable Christian higher education, including certificate and degree programs in various fields of ministry. In addition to promoting academic excellence and spiritual growth within a supportive Christian environment, AEBC aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective ministry guided by a belief in the infallibility of the Bible and a commitment to the Great Commission.

The Legacy Architect

The Legacy Architect, led by Tiarra Tompkins, is a literary consultancy dedicated to serving faith-based authors across genres, with a focus on creating lasting legacies through written works. With over 15 years’ experience in writing and editing, Tompkins provides services such as developmental editing, literary coaching, and ghostwriting to assist authors at every stage. With Carolyn Snelling, Tompkins also penned “God’s Grace & Grit: Surviving Your Fairytale,” a book that delves into the realities of marriage and life’s challenges, offering biblical insight and personal Christian testimonies to guide readers. She also recently launched a Christian podcast, “The Hot Mess Chronicles.” During the show, Tompkins and guests discuss life’s messiness and how God is present. The podcast targets those seeking Christian encouragement in their daily faith journey.

Lighthouse Arab World

Lighthouse Arab World employs media and the arts to spread the gospel in the Middle East, aiming to overcome barriers to the message of Jesus Christ and the Bible. With a mission focused on “building bridges in a hostile environment and breaking down walls of hate to bring the light of Jesus to the Arab world,” they utilize projects such as the Belight Community, Belight FM radio station, Media Mission and Training Center (MMTC), Lighthouse Cinema, and BeHelp assistance program to reach a greater audience using diverse avenues. Led by CEO Dr. Emad D. and headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, with a team spanning Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and the United States, they strive to make the gospel accessible to the Arab population, especially where Christianity is scarce or persecuted.

Love & Truth Network

Love & Truth Network is a ministry focused on restoring biblical sexuality, community, and identity. The Network offers leadership training, teaching resources, and experiential growth opportunities aimed at presenting biblical solutions to personal struggles and equipping churches to foster authentic transformation. Through the “Love & Truth Network Podcast” and events such as Living Waters and the Sex & Identity Summit, the Network promotes education, healing, and community-building that is rooted in God’s love and truth.

MegaVoice International

MegaVoice International raises funds on behalf of broadcasters and ministry partners to create, publish, and distribute Christian content. In fact, in partnership with Theovision International, Cru, Samaritan’s Purse, and others, they have helped deliver solar-powered, waterproof audio and video Bibles to illiterate individuals living in half the world’s countries. MegaVoice International’s mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of their circumstances or location, has access to the Bible in their own heart language. They look forward to contributing their resources and expertise to advance the cause of Christian broadcasting and to partnering to impact the world for Christ.

Tifaouin Ministry

Tifaouin—which means “light” in Amazigh—strives to spread the light of Christ to the lost and non-believers in Morocco by fostering spiritual renewal and planting churches nationwide. They currently have successful church plants established in key cities, with plans to extend into the Hassani community of the Sahara Desert. As part of their multi-layered ministry approach, Tifaouin Ministry offers follow-up services, media outreach via social media and satellite television, digital media training, and printing services. The organization is led by Rachid Rizzak, a Moroccan native who converted to Christianity from Sunni Islam, graduated from Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, and is fervently devoted to evangelism and discipleship.

Tim Hatch Live

Tim Hatch Live is the multimedia ministry of Tim Hatch, Lead Pastor of Waters Church, a non-denominational church based in North Attleboro, Mass., with satellite locations in Rhode Island, Florida, and Guatemala. Hatch hosts multiple podcasts, such as “The Deep End,” a weekly Christian news show aimed at helping believers navigate the chaos of the world with boldness and faith; “The Deep Dive Bible Study,” a weekly Bible devotional study to help refocus the listener’s week and their purpose as a child of God; and “10 Questions with Tim,” a monthly question-and-answer segment that provides theological answers to the real struggles Christians face. Tim Hatch Live, a recent rebranding of Hatch’s television show, “You Matter to God,” airs on NRBTV on Sundays at 11 PM ET.

Unashamed Truth Ministries, Inc.

Unashamed Truth Ministries, Inc., led by Pastor Grant Castleberry, is dedicated to teaching the whole counsel of God for the honor of God. With a focus on both discipleship and apologetics, the ministry “aims to reach believers and unbelievers alike with the truth of God’s Word.” Pastor Castleberry, also the senior pastor of Capital Community Church in Raleigh, N.C., holds a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Theology degree in Historical Theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he is currently pursuing a doctoral degree. The Unashamed Truth radio broadcast can be heard every weekday at 2:30 p.m. (EST) on the Truth Network, and the Unashamed Truth podcast with Castleberry can be heard weekly on Wednesdays.

Associate Member Companies:

Prod Co Accountants

Prod Co Accountants specializes in providing accounting services tailored to the needs of unscripted and documentary production companies. Their comprehensive services range from CFO-level financial oversight to day-to-day accounting tasks, aimed at helping producers make informed financial decisions and streamline their operations. Their “Line It Up System” offers accurate show costs and budget management, providing producers with full visibility of the financial health of their companies. Prod Co Accountants also provides the free guide “Straighten Out Your Show Expenses,” a valuable resource to assist production professionals in understanding and managing their finances effectively. Founder Margot Ransom, known for her effective communication skills, has been a speaker at industry events like the Film in Motion Summit and will speak at the CONTENT 2024 Christian Media Conference.

Trinity Proximity

Trinity Proximity, led by Shawn Whitson, has been pioneering Christian technology since 2017. The organization is a Christian-based software development company serving clients across the U.S. Inspired by a vision from the Holy Spirit in late 2022, Shawn redirected the company’s efforts towards creating a proprietary product called neighbZ, a Christian social media platform. Set to debut in late 2024, neighbZ promises a user experience akin to major social media platforms while fostering a wholesome online environment for spreading the gospel and connecting Christian leaders, ministers, and broadcasters, to users nationwide, all while supporting locally owned businesses and churches. Featuring over 300 Christian content creators and more than 200 Christian news sources, neighbZ will challenge new users to focus solely on Christ-centered activities and news.

Full Individual:

Carolyn Thigpin

Following a 39-year career teaching high school mathematics, Georgia native Carolyn Thigpen transitioned into a ministry focused on writing faith-based content. Today, she is devoted to spreading the gospel through her inspirational and devotional blog. On her blog, she encourages Christians to see God at work in the world, to have hope in His faithfulness, and to join Him in whatever He has for them to do on this earth. Carolyn is also an advocate for Israel. Having traveled there eight times in the last eight years, she is committed to helping protect religious freedom.

Mani Pagidipalli

Mani Pagidipalli is a multifaceted individual holding roles as a medical doctor, CEO, TV presenter, and archaeologist. Along with serving as the medical director at Doulos Trust Hospital, Dr. Pagidipalli is the CEO of Doulos Trust. Operating in the culturally collectivist context of India, Doulos Trust engages in programs such as evangelism through TV, gospel meetings, preacher training at the Dipam Bible College, strengthening initiatives at the Madhira and DVR Colony churches. Doulos Trust engages in other humanitarian works including providing education for the orphans and street kids, clean water projects, free medical clinics, a home that pairs orphans and widows for mutual healing, Bible printing, rescuing sex traffic victims, translation services, summer camps, special needs programs, digital and print media, empowerment programs for women, a program to help persecuted churches, and a tech college to help build bi-vocational evangelists. In addition to his ministry work, Dr. Pagidipalli hosts a 30-minute daily TV program, called “Seeking for Truth,” and a live program called “Digging for Truth,” where viewers can ask questions related to historical and archaeological matters.

Melissa Kerley

Melissa Kerley has been a presence in the faith-based film community in the Detroit area for a decade. As the founder of Generation Courage, an independent Christian movie company, Kerley has spearheaded projects like “Faith Under Fire,” which was acquired by Universal Studios, and the upcoming “Godspeed,” currently slated for distribution by Universal Studios. Through her company, Kerley strives to shine biblical knowledge through film and convey stories of redemption and faith, catering to a diverse audience. By utilizing the medium of film as a vessel for wholesome faith-based storytelling, Kerley is dedicated to being a “light in the darkness,” as stated in Generation Courage’s mission statement.

Associate Individual:

Ben Davis

A Certified Senior Advisor, H. Ben Davis III has over two decades of experience in Medicare, long-term care insurance, and social security planning. With a focus on empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and retirement, Davis specializes in guiding clients through the complexities of Medicare options, ensuring clients choose the health plan that best suits their needs. Through personalized consultations and educational seminars for the 50+ age group, Davis has established himself as a trusted name in the industry, dedicated to assisting seniors in navigating these intricate systems. Moreover, Ben aims to extend his services to retiring broadcasters and engage with Christian media to provide expert insights on Medicare and social security.

Morgan Skinner

Morgan Skinner, Jr. is a semi-retired broadcast executive who since 2008 has been the managing partner of Rockwell Media Services, LLC. The firm offers media brokerage and broadcast consulting services and provides invaluable guidance to ministries in development, growth, and maintenance of broadcast properties to maintain compliance with FCC rules, regulations, and policies. His career began in 1958 as an announcer. He joined KSL Radio-TV in 1965 as a news reporter and radio news anchor followed by significant management roles at Bonneville International and Donrey Media Group broadcast properties. His unique understanding of the issues and firsthand experience is available to all ministries at Rockwell Media Services.


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