NRB to Host Panel on Religious Liberty Struggles at 2020 Convention in Nashville

NRB | February 6, 2020 | NRB News

How should the First Amendment handle divergent, and sometimes clashing, religious faiths in America? Is radical secularism undercutting our religious freedoms?

These are the type of questions that will be addressed during the Afternoon Forum on Wednesday, February 26, at the NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention in Nashville.

Taking the stage for the forum will be a panel of speakers including Asma Uddin, Fellow at the Aspen Institute; constitutional attorney Craig Parshall, NRB’s General Counsel; and Steven Waldman, Author of Sacred Liberty: America’s Long, Bloody and Ongoing Fight for Religious Freedom and Co-Founder of Beliefnet. Moderating the panel will be syndicated radio host and NRB Chairman of the Board Janet Parshall.

“Asma Uddin comes with an acute understanding of religious freedom from a Muslim attorney’s perspective, and Steve Waldman, with a national journalist’s eye,” commented Craig Parshall. “I’m sure this discussion may rattle some preconceptions about Free Exercise of Religion.

“One question,” Parshall continued, “is how to provide an even playing field for all sincerely held faiths, without crushing the rights of Christians to publicly live out the faith principles that underpinned America’s founding.

“Add to this the rising anti-faith assaults from radical secularists and social engineers of political correctness today, and you have both culture and courts struggling to find a resolution,” he added. “This discussion promises to provide some answers to that struggle.”

Immediately preceding the panel will be the Honorable William P. Barr, Attorney General of the United States, who will lead off the Afternoon Forum.

The Afternoon Forum on February 26 is sponsored by Save the Persecuted Christians.

Journalists who desire to cover the Forum must email in advance to apply for a press pass.

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