NRB President & CEO Speaks at PJTN’s “Taking Back America’s Children” Summit

NRB | February 2, 2023 | Member News

NRB member Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) held its “Taking Back America’s Children” Summit on Sunday, January 29, in Franklin, Tennessee. The one-day event sponsored by NRBTV urged parents and concerned citizens to combat falsehoods about Christianity, Israel, and U.S. history in the nation’s school systems. The summit provided practical steps for reclaiming the classroom and navigating the effects of media on adolescents.

“Taking back control of our country starts with taking back control of our children’s education,” said PJTN founder and president Laurie Cardoza-Moore. “We want to encourage and equip moms, dads, and everyday patriots to run for school board and to get involved in what’s going on in our children’s education.

“Only when we engage can we liberate America’s classrooms from the anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-American, Marxist and antisemitic propaganda that’s being peddled,” Cardoza-Moore continued.

In her introduction of NRB president & CEO Troy A. Miller, Cardoza-Moore emphasized the essential role of Christian media.

“Mainstream media is not our friend, but we do have a friend, and that is in the Christian media,” said Cardoza-Moore. “We need to seek out those Christian broadcasters to help us get our message out to our audiences.”

Miller added, “Mainstream technology companies, particularly social media companies, are not your friends. These folks will do everything they can and everything in their power to oppose you. They are driven by very left-leaning ideologies and folks that have come out of that kind of thinking.”

Miller reflected on NRB’s history and the courage of Christian broadcasters in the early days of radio.

“Back in 1944, as radio was becoming the medium of communication, there was a group of pastors that reached out and wanted to be on radio,” said Miller. “Yet, lo and behold, there was another group, a more liberal group that wanted to decide who was going to be on radio and who wasn’t. They wanted to be the gatekeeper.”

This group of independent would-be broadcasters, Miller explained, banded together at Moody Church in Chicago and formed the National Religious Broadcasters association.

Their legacy bore great fruit: “Today, NRB has been fighting for the rights of Christian broadcasters and communicators for 79 years to be able to communicate and be part of the public square,” said Miller. He encouraged the audience to “not be afraid” and to faithfully carry the good news of the Gospel to media outlets, classrooms, and boardrooms.

Other summit speakers included Robert Arnakis, director of domestic and international programs for The Leadership Institute; Tina Griffin, former Hollywood actress and host of the Counter Culture Mom show; and Stephanie Maier, education leadership expert, trainer and author of The Righteous Fight: Reclaiming the Soul of America.

To learn more about PJTN, click here.

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