NRB Members Respond to Winter Storms in Texas

NRB | February 25, 2021 | NRB News

Last week, winter weather settled in the state of Texas causing residents across the entire state to go without electricity and water and many sustaining damages from busted pipes. This week, NRB members have been active in relief efforts in Texas.

Ron Harris, NRB board chairman, and president and founder of NRB member MEDIAlliance International, was one Texas resident whose home was significantly impacted by the winter weather. MEDIAlliance shared a video last week of Harris’ house showing the damage that was caused by burst water lines.

“Pray for our president and founder, Ron and his wife Judy as they work through the details of repairing their beautiful home,” the organization said in a Facebook post. “They’re keeping a positive mindset, knowing that these things are only temporary, but these past few months have been very trying.”

As winter weather hit Texas, more than 16,900 people were without power at a time and nearly 8.6 million people—almost a third of the state’s population—experienced water disruptions. Freezing natural gas pipelines contributed to power cuts and water disruptions, and water supplies for entire towns were shut off after losing power at water treatment plants.

NRB member Tony Evans and The Urban Alternative were also impacted by the winter weather in Texas. Tony Evans shared images on social media of The Urban Alternative offices and the damages sustained there.

“I share this to help encourage more people to pray for those who are truly impacted by this weather,” Evans said. “Our offices will be fine. We will rebuild. We will continue serving those who partner with us in ministry. But because Texas is not a cold-winter-state, many people have lost much more than this.”

In the midst of last week’s snowy and icy conditions in Texas, Convoy of Hope sent multiple trucks full of bottled water and cleaning supplies for local partners to distribute to those in need.

“Desperate. Never ending,” said Anthony Minor, a community coordinator at Hope City Church. “This is something that has literally affected everybody.”

NRB member Operation Blessing was also working to help bring relief to Texas residents even as the storm continued, brining hand sanitizer, blankets, thousands of bottles of water, and other relief items to relief partners in Texas.

The temperature has increased, snow has melted, and electricity has now been restored in Texas, but the crisis there is ongoing.

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, NRB member Samaritan’s Purse shared a video on Twitter of one of their disaster relief units headed to Texas to help with cleanup efforts. In addition to damage from busted pipes, Texas residents are still dealing with downed trees and power lines, and some are still struggling with a lack of clean water.

“Samaritan’s Purse is responding to these storms in Jesus’ Name by bringing relief to people in need in the Lone Star state’s capital and its largest city,” said the organization. “Our teams will be ministering and assisting with extensive cleanup, including mold remediation and chainsaw and tree removal work.”

Another NRB member, Somebody Cares is coming alongside churches and individuals with water damage.

“From Day 1, we have been connecting needs with resources,” said Doug Stringer, founder and president of Somebody Cares. “People need to know they have someone to turn to.”

In addition to meeting needs in Houston, Somebody Cares also reached out to surrounding cities and states, equipping local churches to help and assisting churches that are in need of help.

Send Relief partnered with Feeding America, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) Disaster Relief, and Texas Baptist Men “to assess the situation and help meet the needs of those impacted by the storm.”

“The help that Send Relief has provided through the food bank donations is assisting people across the most affected cities. It’s way more than a drop in the bucket,” said David Wells of Texas Baptist Men. “All three of our major cities—Dallas, San Antonio and Houston—have people in them who have never even seen snow before, and they’re depending on us and these food banks for help.”

Join NRB in praying for those in Texas affected by last week’s winter storms and for the many ongoing relief efforts across the state.

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