NRB Members Respond to Killing of George Floyd, Protests, and Racism

NRB | June 11, 2020 | NRB News

NRB and its members have been responding to the murder of George Floyd, the protests that have erupted around the nation and the world in the days following his death, and the issue of racism in America.

NRB CEO Troy Miller said in a statement, “Our hearts are broken at the unjust killing of George Floyd and we pray for swift justice in this case. We believe this is an opportunity for the Church to be a catalyst for racial reconciliation. Our members are working hard to bring Gospel hope and healing to our troubled nation.”

The following are a selection of excerpts from NRB member statements related to Floyd’s death, the protests, and the issue of racism:

Tony Evans, President of The Urban Alternative

My heart breaks to witness yet another senseless loss of life. As believers in Christ, we must band together across racial lines to ensure justice is righteously served and a new environment for safety, equity and healing can be established.  #icantbreathe

Albert Reyes, President and CEO of Buckner International

I am deeply grieved by the numerous examples of blatant disrespect and lack of human dignity shown to people of color. Our country has a long and growing list of people who were victims of racial, systematic, and institutional racism.

Mark Jobe, President of Moody Bible Institute

No matter what your skin color, ethnicity, or age—we should all be indignant. We struggle to process the anger and the grief, and now we are seeking to understand how God would have us respond.

Rick Brewer, President & CEO of Louisiana College

Christians have been given “the ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Corinthians 5:18) Therefore, we can no longer simply give lip service to or simply offer piecemeal solutions to the racial issues that continue to plague our nation. Americans must stand together across racial, political, and cultural lines and recognize our common humanity. Reconciliation will happen when the true church of Jesus unites and loves one another and the world the way Jesus showed us.

Franklin Graham, President and CEO of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

This makes me sick to my stomach. What took place Monday on a Minneapolis street, by the Minneapolis Police Department should deeply concern each and every American. It’s inexcusable.

Donald W. Sweeting, President of Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University mourns the tragic death and unjust killing of George Floyd this past week, where police in Minneapolis betrayed their oath to preserve and protect. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident and points to a deeper racism that festers in our land.

Ed Vitagliano, Executive Vice President of American Family Association

The death of George Floyd is a tragedy from every angle.

However, while we certainly understand the subsequent anger and frustration of the people of Minneapolis, rioting, looting and burning will only serve to deepen the difficulties of often poorer neighborhoods. For example, what if these businesses never return? AFA is encouraging Christians across the nation to be praying for this city in turmoil and to do all they can to help it recover when the chaos ends.

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