NRB Member K-LOVE Radio Celebrates 40 Years

NRB | April 21, 2022 | Member News

Making its debut in 1982 as a single station in Rocklin, California, K-LOVE Radio grew from humble beginnings into a nationally heard radio station with over 20 million listeners a week. Today, K-LOVE is the largest Christian radio network in the United States and the second largest radio network of any genre. NRB congratulates K-LOVE on 40 years of excellence in Christian communications.

“K-LOVE sets a gold standard for positive, encouraging, and accessible Christian radio that goes beyond playing music, to actually reaching listeners through ministry and prayer,” said NRB CEO Troy A. Miller. “We commend K-LOVE for 40 years of strong leadership in Christian broadcasting!”

In addition to featuring top Christian musical artists, K-LOVE’s on-air personalities and staffers, including full-time ministry staff, create space for conversations with listeners from all walks of life. K-LOVE staff field an average of 1,000 prayer requests and crisis situations each day.

Bill Reeves, CEO of Educational Media Foundation (EMF), which operates K-LOVE and its sister station, Air1, said in a statement, “We have seen everything from marriages saved to suicides avoided to just basic professions of faith, where people’s lives changed because they listened to a 3-minute song on K-LOVE.”

K-LOVE and Air1 combine music and ministry, providing listeners with community, connection, answers, and prayer in between songs. Personal stories from real listeners demonstrate what sets K-LOVE apart for its listeners:

  • Ralph from Florida: “Anger has consumed me for years until my wife had enough and, with God’s courage, she threw me out to find Him for myself and I did by first remembering the radio station she listens to. I tuned you in and with God’s grace will be returning home again!”
  • Melissa from New York: “I have wanted to feel close to God for a long time. Started listening to your channel and 2 songs touched my heart. “Raise A Hallelujah” and “Haven’t Seen It Yet.” I finally went to church and the first song was “Raise A Hallelujah” and it brought me to tears.”
  • Camisha from Texas: “K-LOVE has blessed my family in so many ways. My son who is 7 and his teenage cousins sing their Jesus songs on the way to school and in their free time. I started giving years ago after getting past the fear of affording it. Best investment.”
  • Lee from Virginia: “I play your station in the morning and the songs really encourage me especially when I’m dealing with a problem. I have been through a lot this year. One song in particular really touches my heart: “God Only Knows” by for KING & COUNTRY. God bless.”
  • Jerold from Maryland: “I was going through a lot of stress and anxiety at work and it spilled over to my life at home. I started listening to K-LOVE again on my commute to and from work and felt the Lord’s presence. Thank you K-LOVE for helping me find my path again.”

EMF was founded by Bob Anthony Fogel, a former DJ at San Francisco pop station KFRC, who was seeking to start a Christian radio station. On October 15, 1982, the station’s first broadcast went live on KCLB 91.9 FM in the Santa Rosa area—and 40 years later, K-LOVE is still being broadcast on that channel and 500+ others across the nation.

K-LOVE and Air1 are long-time NRB members since 2002, receiving the 2004 Best Broadcast Website Award and the 2013 Billy Graham Award for Excellence in Christian Communications.

NRB congratulates K-LOVE on its tremendous success in bringing Christian encouragement to the airwaves for 40 years!

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