NRB Member Five Q Invites Ministries to Participate in Ministry Benchmark Study

NRB | May 5, 2021 | Member News

NRB member Five Q is working on a Ministry Benchmark Study to see how ministries are doing digitally and how they can grow as a community, and they are calling on ministries to participate in this study.

Five Q understands that it can be a challenge to know where you need to improve digitally, and they are seeking to provide ministries with the tools that they need to effectively measure their digital efforts. Benchmarks allow ministries to know what the standard is and provide context for the data that ministries collect. But up until now, there haven’t been any studies that provide a digital benchmark specifically for ministries.

The purpose of the 2021 Ministry Benchmark Study is to highlight how well ministries are performing and equip them with the data they need to make their digital ministry as effective as possible. Your participation in this study will provide insights for the entire industry.

With this study, Five Q is working to gather benchmarks on the most common questions they hear from ministries such as:

  • Which channels drive the most traffic to ministry websites?
  • Which channels work best to find new donors?
  • Is the monthly donor program growing as fast as it should be?
How do you Participate? 

Click here to sign up to participate in this study. When you sign up, you’ll receive instructions on how to grant Five Q access to view your Google Analytics account and receive a short questionnaire to provide other critical information that cannot be found in Google Analytics.

What do you get for Participating? 

As a “Thank You” for participating in this research and helping the entire industry improve, Five Q will offer you these perks:

  • Early access to the Ministry Benchmark report
  • A scorecard for your ministry, so you can see how your ministry is doing compared to the benchmarks
  • A free 30-minute strategy session with Five Q specialists to give you an idea of where your best opportunities for growth are based on your scorecard results
How to get started 

Right now, Five Q’s biggest need in order to make the study successful is getting the word out to more ministries. Click here to find more information and sign up to participate today and be a part of this important research.

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