NRB Hosts “Faith and Finances: Insights from Wise Money Managers”

NRB | April 6, 2023 | NRB News

On March 30, Miriam Neff and Valerie Neff Hogan, authors of “Wise Women Managing Money,” joined NRB Director of Public Policy & Communications Noelle Garnier for a live online conversation on applying biblical principles for wise financial stewardship.

The mother-and-daughter duo have made a mission of promoting financial literacy and practical, Biblical solutions for wise money management from a women’s perspective. Miriam is the author of twelve books, a Christian counselor, and a frequent radio commentator. Valerie is a Certified Financial Planner, author, and attorney who helps groups and individuals learn about stewardship and financial freedom. Together, they host the one-minute “Wise Women Managing Money” feature heard on numerous radio outlets.

In the webinar, Miriam and Valerie answered questions including: How can Christians communicate better about money, wealth, and financial wisdom? How can Christians plan for an uncertain future? Is “generosity to God” the same as financial giving? And how should we navigate the relationship between responsible financial stewardship and faith in God’s provision?

During the conversation, Miriam offered a word of encouragement for those starting out their journey toward wise money management.

“If you feel a little bit like you’re lacking financial literacy, here’s a big boost for you: You know your ‘why’ when you know it’s God’s,” Miriam said. “God has entrusted you with this [money], right? So we say, know it, own it, like it, or change it.”

Watch “Faith and Finances: Insights from Wise Money Managers” below. To learn more about Wise Women Managing Money, click here.

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