NRB Forum Highlights Progress, Potential of Historic Middle East Peace Agreements

NRB | June 22, 2023 | NRB News

On Wednesday, May 24, at the 2023 NRB International Christian Media Convention, NRB hosted a high-profile panel discussion on the progress and potential of the Abraham Accords.

The signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020 ushered in a transformation in the relations between Israel and Arab countries. Referring collectively to agreements of peace, diplomatic relations, and normalization between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and Kosovo, the Abraham Accords provided an unprecedented opportunity to facilitate economic prosperity and stability in the Middle East.

Abraham Accords Peace Institute (AAPI) president and executive director Robert Greenway led the discussion on how the agreements can promote religious tolerance, free trade, and American interests in the region.

Greenway was joined by Ambassador John Rakolta Jr. (Ret.), former U.S. ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Ambassador David T. Fischer (Ret.), former U.S. ambassador to Morocco. Rakolta and Fischer represented the United States in the UAE and Morocco respectively during the development of the Abraham Accords agreements.

The conversation centered around the origins of the Abraham Accords, lessons learned in the development of the agreements, and the future potential of the Accords framework.

“The Accords are, in fact, historic and an unprecedented opportunity for Israel, for its neighbors, and for the United States to build a foundation of peace that we’ve not seen in generations,” said Greenway. “I don’t think anyone could have appreciated when the Accords were established, just almost three years ago this year, that we would experience for the first time in generations a land war in Europe and, for the first time in generations, the signs of tangible, concrete peace between Israel and its neighbors, and yet, here we are.”

“Soft power is so important in the world today,” Amb. Rakolta said, introducing a slide presentation which explained how cooperative problem-solving, cultural understanding, and improved communication aided U.S. diplomatic relations and accomplishments in the region.

Amb. Fischer stressed the importance of individuals, not just institutions, applying creativity and tenacity to the challenges of the day. He credited numerous policymakers who took part in bringing the Abraham Accords to fruition, and concluded “It takes people willing to talk about tough subjects and do creative things.”

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel, the 2023 NRB International Christian Media Convention featured a special program of events highlighting the significance of the U.S.-Israel relationship and facilitating connections with The Holy Land and its people.

This Forum was sponsored by Tyndale House Publishers.

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