NRB Forum Discusses the Culture’s Dire Need for Biblical Fatherhood

NRB | March 21, 2024 | NRB News

On Thursday, Feb. 22, ministry leaders, scholars, and commentators discussed the historical view of men’s role as fathers and faith leaders and its effect on the wellbeing of women and children. Forum attendees heard how even in dire circumstances, God can step in as a Father to the fatherless. Lauren Green, chief religion correspondent at Fox News Channel, moderated the discussion.

Ryan Bomberger, co-founder and chief creative officer at The Radiance Foundation, discussed how the church might be acquiescing to a cultural view of family rather than promoting the biblical framework of godly male leadership.

“We should be celebrating the ideal and promote that,” Bomberger said, “and at the same time, of course, support those single parents as much as we can. But the churches should not fear the basic truth about that framework.”

Mary Eberstadt, author of several influential books and senior research fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute, identified three types of paternal crises and how understanding their interrelation is key to addressing them.

“It is a deep question about paternity that hangs over our whole society,” Eberstadt said. “There is the crisis involving the supernatural father and the creature’s relation to him; the crisis involving the earthly father, which is perhaps the most important in the country right now; and the crisis involving patriotism, love of country, [and] love of community.”

Eberstadt explained what she sees as the underlying issue in the culture: “I think the 21st century can be summarized in six [words]: Men are at war with God. If you look at the most contentious issues in our society, the so-called social issues about abortion, euthanasia, [and] transgenderism, all of them come back to this question: Who gets to direct creation?”

Nancy Pearcey, professor and scholar in residence at Houston Christian University, shared important research about how the biblical roles of men line up with their physical and psychological makeup.

“Men are made in God’s image, and they do know that their unique masculine strengths are not given them just to go whatever they want, but to provide, protect, [and] to care for those that they love,” Pearcy said. “Men are wired for fatherhood. It’s not a cultural invention. God has designed the neurochemistry of men to be engaged and loving fathers.”

Sean Teis, president of Life Factors Fatherless Ministries shared some of his personal story of being raised by a single mother. He explained how the lives of children are thrown out of balance whenever they lack a mother or father.

“As Christians, we have an opportunity to bring our life back into balance by bringing God into our life,” Teis said.

The Faith, Fatherhood, and Masculinity Forum at NRB 2024 was sponsored by Fox News Media, an American multinational conservative news and political commentary television channel and website with the most-watched cable news network in the U.S.

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