NRB Executive Committee investigates a recent staff dismissal

NRB | September 3, 2021 | Press Releases

September 3, 2021

Jonelle Capps
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NRB Executive Committee investigates a recent staff dismissal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Executive Committee of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Board of Directors generally does not discuss employment matters in public forums. However, the recent public controversy connected with the dismissal of a former NRB employee prompted the Executive Committee to conduct a thorough investigation. As a result of this investigation, the Committee offers two important clarifications:

No Vaccination Policy

NRB is an international Christian media association that exists to serve its members and advocate for the broader interests of Christian media communicators. As such, NRB only takes public policy positions on issues of direct interest to the work of its members, as well as on matters impacting the free exercise of religion, free speech and the freedom of the press. Accordingly, NRB has no policy or official position on vaccinations. While individual NRB members have wide-ranging views on the subject, the association has not weighed in on the question of the personal choices being made with respect to vaccines, because this is outside the scope of NRB’s public policy engagement.

However, NRB’s neutrality on vaccines and other Covid-19-related mandates should not be interpreted as neutrality, or a lack of concern, about their impact on religious liberty. We have seen, and the Supreme Court has confirmed, that many Covid-19 mandates have treated religious people and institutions in an unequal manner.

Management Actions Deemed Appropriate

After completing its oversight review of the dismissal of the former NRB employee, the NRB Executive Committee unanimously adopted the following motion: “After review, The Executive Committee affirms in every particular the administrative actions taken by the CEO in the termination of [the dismissed employee].” The Committee considers the runaway media narrative that developed in the aftermath of the dismissal to have been inaccurate, incomplete, and almost incomprehensible given the objective facts of the situation.

NRB will continue to vigorously defend the First Amendment freedoms of its members, especially their right to speak out on issues regardless of their position and will continue to move forward speaking with one voice on issues related to Christian communicators’ ability to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every medium available.

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