NRB CEO to CBN: “We Are Out There Fighting”

NRB | August 3, 2023 | NRB News

CBN’s Billy Hallowell recently profiled NRB and featured an interview with NRB President & CEO Troy A. Miller on CBN’s FaithWire outlet.

FaithWire highlighted NRB as a “clearing house for Christian communication” since its inception eight decades ago, describing it as the “most significant force in this arena, defending biblical values amid rocky cultural terrain.”

Miller shared with Hallowell about the early beginnings and the mission of NRB.

“For 79 years, we’ve been advocating on behalf of Christian communicators to be in the public square,” Miller said.

He noted that NRB members are bringing hope to a dark world despite governmental and corporate hostility to the Christian message.

“Most of our ministries—if not all of them that I talk to—they just want to be left alone to do what God has called them to do,” said Miller. “We are out there fighting so that our ministries can stay in that public sector, doing what God’s called them to do.”

Watch the conversation between Miller and Hallowell:

Read FaithWire’s full NRB feature here.

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