NRB Board of Directors Approves 2024 Resolutions and Elects Officers and Board Members

NRB | February 20, 2024 | Press Releases

February 20, 2024

Noelle Huizenga

NRB Board of Directors Approves 2024 Resolutions and Elects Officers and Board Members

Board condemns Hamas attacks and pledges continued support and friendship with Israel; condemns persecution of Christians worldwide; urges Section 230 repeal

NASHVILLE, TENN. (NRB) — On Tuesday, February 20, at the 2024 NRB International Christian Media Convention, the NRB Board of Directors announced six formal resolutions for 2024 and reaffirmed five 2023 resolutions in light of their continued significance.

Each year, NRB’s Board of Directors approves a new slate of resolutions expressing the association’s support or opposition to domestic legislation, cultural movements, judicial decisions, geopolitical or international issues, or events of particular importance to NRB members.

The 2024 resolutions are:

Applying Wisdom in Use of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology—NRB urges Christians to exercise responsibility and wisdom in utilizing AI and other emerging technologies, recognizing the limitations of technological enhancements and interventions, and emphasizing that human redemption and transformation are spiritual goods, not products of technology.

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of NRB’s Founding—In celebration of its 80th anniversary, NRB reaffirms its collective commitment to using media platforms and pulpits to communicate without compromise and stand firmly on the truth of Scripture in this chapter of NRB’s history and the next.

Commending NRB Members’ Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response Efforts—NRB commends the work of charitable groups within the NRB membership to mobilize humanitarian aid and material support at disaster sites around the world.

Condemning the Persecution of Christians and Religious Minorities Worldwide—NRB calls on Christian leaders to stand in spiritual, material, and political solidarity with persecuted followers of Christ, and boldly and compassionately use their means of influence to fight against the persecution of Christians and religious minorities around the world; and calls on Christians in the media to use their platforms to educate and inform the public on religious persecution worldwide and help bring visibility and aid to Christian brothers and sisters in crisis.

In Support of Israel 2024—NRB pledges its continued support and friendship with Israel in her time of need and commits to intercede through prayer for peace in the region and an end to the shedding of innocent blood; and NRB urges Christian communicators to exercise integrity and exhibit moral clarity as they speak to these challenging issues in a hostile, biased, and distorted media environment.

Urging Section 230 Repeal—NRB calls upon lawmakers to reexamine Section 230 in light of its original intent and develop a legislative vehicle to sunset or establish a reauthorization date for Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934.

The reaffirmed resolutions from 2023 are:

Affirming the Biblical and Traditional View of Gender—NRB affirms the biblical and traditional view of gender and opposes any and all disordered attempts to reduce the true reality of the male and female sexes to a relativistic spectrum.

Maintaining Access for Christian Broadcasters in the Video Marketplace—NRB resolves that the FCC should refresh MB Docket 14-261 to explore and understand more recent changes in the local television marketplace and their impact on the public interest.

Opposing Weaponization of the Federal Government—NRB opposes all weaponization of the federal government to strike down and silence Christian viewpoints, maintaining that civil rights liability for constitutional violations should be strictly enforced against any federal government agency and any private entity with whom they have collaborated to deny free speech and equal protection.

Preserving AM Radio—NRB shall advocate for the preservation and promotion of AM radio as a critical platform for religious broadcasting and support policies and initiatives favorable to the continued operation of AM radio stations.

Resolving to Stand Firmly on Scripture—NRB urges Christian leaders and all Christian communicators to stand firmly on the historic truth of Scripture and to endeavor to pass faithfulness to the word of God from generation to generation.

View the 2024 Board Resolutions here.

In addition, officers for the coming year and board members for the Class of 2027 were elected as follows:

Executive Committee — 2024

Jim Sanders
Principal & Executive Vice President
Ambassador Advertising Agency

First Vice Chair
Tony Hart
The Grand Old Gospel Fellowship (GOGF Ministries)

Second Vice Chair
Debra Fraser
TLN Media

Sharon Geiger
Assistant General Manager/Director of Outreach

Tim McDermott
Tim McDermott CPA LLC Accounting and Consulting

Executive Committee Members at Large – 2024

Lauren Libby
President & CEO
TWR International

Roger Lonnquist
President & General Manager
Your Network of Praise / New Life Africa

Star Parker
Founder & CEO

David P. Santrella
Salem Media Group, Inc.

John Sorensen
President & CEO
Evangelism Explosion International

Board of Directors — Class of 2027

Joe Battaglia
Renaissance Communications, Inc.

Bill Blount
Blount Communications Group

Yvonne Carlson
Design Thinkers, LLC

Chuck Finney
Finney Media

Jon Fugler
TWR International

John Fuller
Focus on the Family

Abraham Hamilton III
American Family Association

Tony Hart
The Grand Old Gospel Fellowship (GOGF Ministries)

David Michael Jeremiah
Turning Point for God

Judy Kron
Moody Radio

Collin Lambert
Lambert Creative Media

Brett Larson
Crawford Media Group

Roger Lonnquist
Your Network of Praise / New Life Africa

Erwin Lutzer
The Moody Church

Charles Morris
Haven Ministries

Robert Pacienza
Coral Ridge Ministries

Star Parker

Bonnie Sala
Guidelines International Ministries

Jim Sanders
Ambassador Advertising Agency

David P. Santrella
Salem Media Group, Inc.


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