NextGen Broadcast Conference Brings Television’s Next Chapter to D.C.

NRB | June 14, 2024 | Industry News

This week, the 2024 ATSC NextGen Broadcast Conference welcomed television industry professionals to Washington, D.C. for a full slate of programming surrounding the ATSC 3.0 television standard.

The conference agenda featured a broad and diverse lineup of speakers, including NRB Television Committee Chairman Joshua Weiss, who highlighted various aspects of the NextGen landscape. 

The program opened with a keynote address from National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) President Curtis LeGeyt. In advocating for a full transition to the ATSC 3.0 standard, LeGeyt argued that there is a profound opportunity to build a story around new television technology to win allies and educate policymakers on the rich potential and impact of NextGen TV. 

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr also delivered remarks encouraging a full 3.0 transition, noting that broadcasters should not be held back indefinitely by regulatory constraints such as the “substantially similar” simulcasting requirement. Instead, companies should be empowered to bring their customers along to experience the benefits of new technology. 

From enhanced sports broadcasting, to far-reaching interactivity, to sustainability and emergency messaging, NextGen technology promises to drive far-reaching innovation. With such broad applications, NextGen television has the capability to revamp the user experience, connect local communities, drive significant economic growth, and even bolster national security measures. 

ATSC 3.0 is the gold standard for over-the-air television broadcasting with enhanced interactivity, powerful applications, and greater resolution and sound quality. The technology is now in upwards of 75 markets with the capability to reach nearly three quarters of households across the United States. NRB fully supports a timely transition from the ATSC 1.0 standard to ATSC 3.0, including measures that would improve the affordability of the transition for small, local, and independent broadcasters.

NRB congratulates ATSC on a spectacular conference. Read more about ATSC, The Broadcast Standards Association here, and the NextGen Broadcast Conference here.

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