April 24, 2019

Craig Parshall, General Counsel





Supreme Court to Hear Cases Threatening Faith-Based Employers

WASHINGTON (NRB) – When the Supreme Court agreed this week to take up three cases about sexual orientation and transgender rights in employment, much of the media coverage missed the real religious freedom issue, according to National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), an association of Christian broadcast and digital communicators.

The issue presented in the appeals is whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was designed to prohibit discrimination based on “sex,” should be expanded to include LGBT rights. But missing in most news coverage is the catastrophic impact on faith-based employers.

NRB’s general counsel, Craig Parshall, points out that one of the cases involves a Christian funeral home in Michigan that, in accordance with its beliefs, could not continue employing its director after he “transitioned” from a man to a woman. “The Court of Appeals gave short shrift to the funeral home’s faith-based objections and ruled that the employee had been discriminated against,” Parshall says, adding that, “the court reduced religious freedom to miniature proportions, while inflating politically-correct LGBT rights into monolithic status.”

Parshall, during his past tenure as NRB’s general counsel, testified before subcommittees of both the U.S. Senate and the House Representatives regarding Title VII employment protections, warning that if they were applied to LGBT employees of faith-based workplaces, religious employers would have few rights of conscience left. “If the Supreme Court does not get this right,” Parshall predicts, “the religious liberty of faith-based employers will soon become a mirage.”

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