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November 8, 2012

Kenneth Chan




NRB Welcomes FCC Approval of Noncom Fundraising for Sandy Relief Efforts; Urges Permanent Rule Change

Manassas, VA - NRB is encouraged by the FCC’s openness to allow noncommercial educational (NCE) stations to make on-air fundraising appeals in support of Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. Moreover, NRB is again pressing the Commission to enable NCE stations to aid charitable causes at times other than disasters of historic proportions or magnitude.

Though the Commission generally prohibits NCE stations from engaging in on-air fundraising activities on behalf of any entity other than the station itself, it is granting waiver requests related to Sandy relief efforts and is furthermore allowing such requests to be sent informally for expedited review.

“I was pleased to see the FCC’s vigilance in temporarily waiving current broadcast rules so that noncommercial educational (NCE) stations can now raise funds for charities that are helping in relief efforts focusing on the effects of Superstorm Sandy,” remarked Craig Parshall, NRB Senior Vice President & General Counsel. “However, this is just one more reminder why the FCC rule change advocated by NRB, and now before the Commission, is so critical.”

For the past few years, NRB has spearheaded the quest for a regulatory change that would allow non-commercial radio and TV stations to use up to 1% of their air-time to conduct fundraisers for third-party non-profit groups recognized under IRS code §501(c)(3). A formal rule change proposal presented earlier this year by the FCC is currently being considered for adoption. NRB has urged the Commission to quickly move the proposal into a permanent broadcasting rule.

“Noncom broadcasters should have a standing opportunity to raise funds on-air for worthy charities without having to overcome the high hurdle of obtaining FCC permission first,” stressed Parshall, whose memo to the FCC in October 2008 has been cited as the catalyst for the proposed rule change. “We are hopeful that the Commission will agree.”

NCE stations seeking to solicit contributions from viewers or listeners for relief efforts related to Sandy may file an informal request for a waiver by submitting an e-mail request to Barbara Kreisman (, if the request involves a television station, or to Peter Doyle ( and Michael Wagner (, if the request involves a radio station.

The request should provide basic details of the fundraising activity, including the nature of the fundraising effort; the proposed duration of the fundraising effort; the organization(s) to which funds will be donated; and whether the fundraiser will be part of the station’s regularly scheduled pledge drive or fundraising effort.

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