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June 2, 2015

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NRB to Stand with Sen. Mike Lee for Religious Liberty in Advance of Marriage Ruling

Manassas, VA– On Wednesday, Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO of NRB, will join with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and other leaders in standing for religious liberty in advance of the Supreme Court’s upcoming pivotal marriage ruling.  In particular, they will speak in light of the admission by U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli that if “gay marriage” is deemed to be a constitutional right, then the tax-exempt status of religious institutions could be at risk.

Dr. Johnson, formerly President of Criswell College, stated in advance of the press conference, “It is now no secret that top officials in the federal government would consider burdening Christian schools, and likely other religious organizations, if the Supreme Court imposes ‘gay marriage’ on the nation through the power of the U.S. Constitution. I pray that the Justices will not allow such a challenge to the Bill of Rights to gain traction.”

During oral arguments of Obergefell v. Hodges before the Court, several Justices asked questions about the impact of a decision imposing “gay marriage” nationwide on the situations of religious individuals and organizations that believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman.  Responding to Justice Samuel Alito’s question about a college potentially losing its tax-exempt status for adhering to its convictions, General Verrilli stated, “…it's certainly going to be an issue…. I don't deny that, Justice Alito.  It is – it is going to be an issue.”

“General Verrilli cleared up any confusion.  The Obama Administration would be open to targeting religious organizations if they dare stay true to the tenets of their faith on marriage,” said Dr. Johnson in April. “The intolerance of the LGBT lobby is no secret, but it is greatly disturbing to hear such an admission from the federal government.”

A letter to Congress signed by more than 70 educational leaders from across the country will be released at the news conference. The letter expresses "deep concern about the potential loss of tax-exempt status for educational institutions should the Supreme Court find constitutional legitimacy for same-sex marriage."


  • Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)
  • Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, President, National Religious Broadcasters; former President of Criswell College
  • Dr. Samuel Oliver, President, Union University
  • Dr. Keith Wiebe, President, American Association of Christian Schools
  • Travis Weber, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council


  • News conference discussing how a Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage could impact religious educational institutions


  • June 3, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. ET


  • Senate Swamp, located across from the Capitol's Senate steps

To review a relevant amicus brief filed by Liberty Institute on behalf of NRB and other prominent religious organizations, click here:

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