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June 9, 2011

Laura Wright
Mary Montemayor





Manassas, VA – NRB heralds this week’s FCC “Future of Media” report as an important first step in allaying fears that federal regulators seek too much influence over American media. "In an age where some have argued that the federal government has increased its reach over an increasing number of private sectors of American life, Steve Waldman's ‘Future of Media’ report is a refreshing change,” said NRB President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright. “It refrains from imposing mandates, but instead recognizes opportunities to incentivize the private media. As an example, it adopts a long needed idea to give more flexibility among non-commercial broadcasters, including Christian and other religious ones, to use the airwaves to support worthy non-profit causes. Everyone wins with that kind of approach. In addition, this project has done something else worth applauding: it has recognized the important contribution that Christian and other non-profit media outlets provide by serving their communities and advancing the interests of American citizens."

Craig Parshall, NRB Sr. Vice President & General Counsel, has been a part of this process from the beginning, testifying before the FCC’s “Future of Media” Panel on April 30, 2010. "When this project began, there was some mistrust of the notion that a federal agency should review the status, and the future, of American media,” said Parshall. “Frankly, I had my own suspicions, given the constitutional protections, and journalistic independence that the First Amendment grants to the press. But Mr. Waldman's ‘Future of Media’ report breaches no constitutional barriers. In fact, it grants breathing room to broadcasters by inviting the FCC to drive a nail into the coffin of the Commission’s ill-advised "Localism" proceeding that has languished for several years, and which would have infringed on broadcaster freedoms and violated basic programming liberties especially among religious stations."

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