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October 3, 2011

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Manassas, VA –  NRB Sr. Vice President & General Counsel Craig Parshall testified today at an FCC Field Event hearing focused on “The Information Needs of Communities.” Parshall’s testimony focused on the non-profit media sector, specifically addressing the circumstances under which the FCC should grant a fundraising waiver to non-commercial stations.

“The current FCC rules regarding the inability of non-commercial stations to raise funds for other charity groups, absent a specific waiver, need to be changed,” said Parshall. “As worthy as these occasional grants of waivers are from the Commission and the Bureau, [the current waiver process] ignores the worthy daily work of non-profit groups that provide huge amounts of time, services and money to meet the dire needs of local citizens. Non-commercial stations should be able to partner fully and effectively with non-profit organizations to meet the needs of communities.”

In 2010, Parshall represented NRB at the FCC’s Working Group on Information Needs of Communities, and described the rule-change that NRB supports. “Under our proposal,” said Parshall, “every non-commercial station could spend up to 1% of its annual on-air time raising funds for third-party non-profit groups recognized under IRS code §501(c)(3). This would increase the synergy between non-commercial broadcasters and other non-profit groups and would meet public needs at the same time.”

“Non-commercial Christian broadcasters accomplish a great deal with very little,” concluded Parshall. “From the standpoint of meeting public needs, and advancing the public interest, such a rule change will bring non-commercial stations and other charities together in an effective way. The logical outcome of this change seems clear, and the result would be compelling: the non-profit resources in America will be more directly and comprehensively applied to the myriad problems facing today’s communities, while non-commercial broadcasters will be encouraged to perform the highest form of public service.”

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