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April 26, 2012

Laura Wright






Manassas,VA- The National Religious Broadcasters today enthusiastically supports an FCC action concerning non-commercial radio stations and on-air fundraising. The FCC is looking into the value of these stations conducting fundraisers on-air for the benefits of other non-profit organizations.  NRB has spearheaded the quest for a regulatory change that would allow non-commercial Christian radio and TV stations to provide such support for charitable ministries in local communities and abroad. 

Dr.Frank Wright, President and CEO of NRB, declared, “This commendable rule change would supportAmerica's charitable impulse, making a positive difference in the lives of people in need, here and around the world.”

Current FCC rules prohibit non-commercial stations from fundraising for other non-profit groups unless the FCC provides a waiver. Waivers are almost never granted except in dire emergencies involving massive natural disasters – e.g. Hurricane Katrina,Haiti, and the Indonesian tsunami. These rules ignore the important work of charities serving daily needs in local communities, works that naturally synchronize with the missions and social service goals of many non-commercial broadcasters.  NRB has proposed to the FCC that each non-commercial station be permitted to spend up to 1% of its annual on-air time raising funds for third-party non-profit groups recognized under IRS code §501(c)(3).

“A rule change here is in the public interest,” saidCraig Parshall, NRB Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “The logical outcome of this change seems clear, and the result would be compelling: the non-profit resources inAmericawill be more directly and comprehensively applied to the myriad problems facing today’s communities, while non-commercial broadcasters will be encouraged to perform the highest form of public service.”

"As a former radio GM who struggled with wanting to meet needs, help other non-profits, and support the community where our station was serving, I am excited to see the FCC consider action that would help the local non-commercial station enhance its voice for good in the community they serve,” said Ron Harris, NRB Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships.

Find NRB Senior VP & General Counsel Craig Parshall’s comments on this subject before a FCC panel in October 2011.

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