November 9, 2016

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NRB Congratulates President-elect Trump, Vice President-elect Pence

WASHINGTON (NRB) – The following statement was issued today by Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO of National Religious Broadcasters.

"The American people have spoken. On behalf of the membership of National Religious Broadcasters, I extend congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump for his remarkable victory. It illustrates the vitality of the American political process. We also congratulate Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who as a faithful member of Congress was the 2009 recipient of NRB's prestigious Faith & Freedom Award. NRB looks forward to working with the new Trump-Pence Administration on matters of mutual interest and concern.

"NRB commends voters for repudiating the demands of the radical Left. Sadly, that agenda has been aggressively advanced by the Obama Administration. But Americans still value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is now time to unite in common cause to advance these basic principles, principles that bond citizens across political and demographic lines. Debates over the future of the judicial branch and, indeed, even the fundamental constitutional separation of powers among all the branches, remain in view. And we must counter the onslaught of more and more unprovoked assaults on religious ministries that only seek to aid their communities.

"I'm encouraged that early evidence suggests strong participation by Christian voters in this election. This was NRB's message in our Christians Vote public service announcement campaign — 18 PSAs voiced by some of NRB's leading Bible teachers and Christian thinkers, including Jim Daly, Tony Evans, David Jeremiah, John MacArthur, Robert Jeffress, Luis Palau, Dennis Rainey, Charles Stanley, and Chuck Swindoll. These messages were used by NRB-affiliated radio stations and others to encourage evangelicals to fulfill their biblical duty to vote.

"Also, this election demonstrates the wisdom of NRB's recent decision to relocate our headquarters to Capitol Hill. We urge our members to remain vigilantly engaged in our public policy concerns, and we invite other evangelical organizations to join us as we continue to advance biblical truth, promote media excellence, and defend free speech. Now, more than ever, NRB's unique mission is needed in our nation's capital.

"It is well known that evangelical leaders were divided concerning the presidential election. Nevertheless, voters who identify as evangelical made their preference clear. Now it's time for evangelical leaders to come together. Evangelicals face growing challenges to religious liberty, free speech, the sanctity of human life, and other fundamental liberties for which we must stand united in the public square. These liberties are critical to the proclamation of biblical truth, both in our churches and beyond through our members' broadcasting ministries. Nevertheless, more than just for our own sakes, the well-being and the lives of our fellow citizens are at stake in how our government addresses these matters. Because of these convictions, we must and will continue to contend for biblical truth and free speech.

"We also declare the biblical truth that God is sovereign. 'He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings' (Dan. 2:21). Our God does all things well, which is why our trust ultimately is in Him — and Him alone. We also affirm our biblical duty to pray for governmental leaders (1 Tim. 2:1) and urge our fellow evangelicals to take seriously this command from God. So, we especially begin praying today for President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence. And to them I wish to say, 'As you prepare for this great task, may God bless you, and may God bless America.'"

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