February 28, 2020

Craig Parshall, General Counsel





NRB Board Resolutions Speak on Internet, Ethical Standards, Presidential Invites, ‘Must-Carry,’ Local Radio Freedom, Religious Liberty

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (NRB) – The Resolutions Committee of the NRB Board of Directors considered six resolutions this week highlighting important issues for Christian media professionals and reaffirming its commitment to excellence. The NRB Board is a body of approximately one hundred key leaders among Christian communicators. The following are the Resolutions presented by the Resolutions Committee to the NRB Board of Directors on February 25 during a Board Meeting at the NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee:

  • Commending the FCC on Internet Restraint and Urging Congress to Foster Free Expression on the Internet: This Resolution commends the Federal Communications Commission for issuing its Restoring Internet Freedom Order, in which it avoided a heavy-handed regulatory approach to the Internet and recognized the risk of suppression of legitimate free expression by social media platforms and other similar market-dominant Internet platforms. It further urges Congress to “consider legislation that properly balances the free market power of large Internet platforms with the free expression needs of American Internet users.”
  • NRB Ethical Standards: This Resolution expresses the commitment of the NRB’s Board, members, and staff “to biblical, ethical, business-like, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum,” and resolves to “work together cooperatively with the highest ethical standards as we petition God’s blessings on our organization to the end that it may flourish, grow, and ultimately further The Great Commission.”
  • To Extend Invitations to U.S. Presidents to Address the Annual Convention of the NRB: Acknowledging the Scriptural mandate to pray for those who are in authority, this Resolution makes it the policy of NRB “to extend an invitation to the sitting President of the United States to attend and address the membership of the NRB at its annual convention, regardless of the party affiliation of the President, in order to facilitate the mission of NRB and to foster our active and informed prayers for the President and for the Office of the Presidency.”
  • Urging States to Preserve and Not Threaten “Must-Carry” Rights of Local TV Stations: This Resolution highlights a potential threat to local Christian television stations that depend on “must-carry” provisions of the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992, noting that some states have considered, or passed, so-called a la carte requirements for local cable operators and programmers. It urges states that are considering a la carte cable television laws or regulations “to preserve the ‘must-carry’ status of local television stations, including Christian stations, so that local programming will not be compromised.”
  • Urging that Congress Pass the Local Radio Freedom Act: This Resolution urges Congress to pass – and for the President to sign into law – the Local Radio Freedom Act, which “would protect local radio stations that play music as part of their programming from having to pay new ‘performance’ royalties that would cripple, and in some cases decimate, the ability of such radio stations to continue operations.”
  • Urging the Supreme Court to Uphold Religious Liberty as a Primary and not Secondary Right: This Resolution highlights the “tension that exists between recently created laws intended to protect the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity on the one hand and the historic and fundamental rights of free exercise of religions and freedom of speech on the other hand,” and urges the U.S. Supreme Court to resolve this tension “by determining that religious freedom and freedom of speech are primary and not subservient liberties, and in the event of a conflict between those laws and such fundamental rights, that religious liberty and freedom of speech must prevail.”

Resolutions are considered by NRB’s Board of Directors during the association’s annual Christian Media Convention and serve as statements by NRB as an association expressing its support or opposition to domestic legislation, cultural movements, judicial decisions, geopolitical or international issues, or events of particular importance to NRB members. The full text of this week’s resolutions is available here.

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