March 26, 2019

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NRB Board of Directors Mark 75th Anniversary

Board Adopts Other Resolutions on SOGI Laws, Internet Freedom, Israel, and Corporation for Public Broadcasting

ANAHEIM, Calif. (NRB) – The National Religious Broadcasters’ Board of Directors celebrated its 75th anniversary, noting the association’s “work is needed now more than ever,” and adopted four other resolutions March 26 during its annual meeting in Anaheim, California. A body of approximately 100 key leaders among Christian communicators, the NRB board unanimously approved statements on:

  • Declaring NRB’s Commitment to Defending Freedom and Opportunity on its 75th Anniversary. The resolutions asserts, “On its 75th anniversary, it is clear that NRB’s work is needed now more than ever, as major opportunities and challenges remain to achieve full access to the fast-developing worlds of electronic media in the United States and around the world.” The board called on American citizens and elected leaders “to work actively to ensure freedom in electronic media domestically and globally” and urged NRB members “to pray and to ready themselves for struggles ahead to ensure freedom and fairness in access to all electronic media in order that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ may be proclaimed boldly on those platforms to listeners, viewers, and readers.”
  • Opposing Coercive Measures Against the Freedom to Believe the Bible on Marriage, Sexuality, and Gender: The resolution asserts the U.S. government “must faithfully support and defend the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee that all citizens are free to speak” and urges Congress and state legislatures “to reject coercive proposals like the Equality Act and rather to pass laws preventing government intolerance and discrimination against those who – with malice toward none – simply wish to adhere to biblical understandings of gender, sexuality, and marriage.” The board also “exhorts” the nation “to return to the truth that marriage is the sacred union between one man and one woman.” The resolution specifically rejects a so-called “Fairness for All” compromise advocated by National Association of Evangelicals and Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, and “respectfully urges our brothers and sisters in Christ in the CCCU, NAE, and elsewhere to reject any legislation that does not indisputably uphold the fundamental freedoms of all ministries and individual citizens to live, believe, and speak faithfully their biblical convictions.”
  • Advocating Internet Freedom: The resolution notes NRB’s documentation of the growing problem of incidents of censorship of religious viewpoints on Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and “urges edge provider platforms to proactively and as an industry embrace their community responsibility to honor First Amendment values as refined by centuries of American jurisprudence and to faithfully apply those principles in their policies and practices.” In the absence of such action by edge providers, the board urges Congress “to creatively evaluate remedies aimed at discouraging such censorship and providing opportunity for citizens to seek redress against such discrimination,” while upholding the “‘light touch’ toward the internet and to continue to work to ensure principles of freedom on the internet globally.”
  • In Support of Israel: Marking the fifth year in a row adopting a resolution in support of Israel, the board called its members “to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for God’s protection over all of Israel;” thanked the Trump administration “for recognizing the rightful place of Jerusalem;” affirmed that “democratic principles embraced by Israel promise Christians and others seeking freedom in that turbulent region hope for peace and liberty;” called on the “United States to continue to stand steadfastly by Israel, even as others malign, abandon, or attack her;” and called on “Christian denominations, churches, organizations, and other communities to reject and guard against the dangerous Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.”
  • Eliminating Government Subsidy of Public Broadcasting: Asserting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds programming that “promotes the values and political philosophies of ‘progressive’ urban elites” in spite of its own claims that programming does not further “particular political or religious philosophies,” the board “not only supports, but insists upon, the termination of federal funding for CPB” unless it “discontinues its discrimination against faith-based ministries and allows all noncommercial broadcasters and related programmers to compete for federal grants on an equal merit-based playing field.”

Resolutions are often adopted by the Board of Directors during its annual meeting held in conjunction with NRB’s International Christian Media Convention and serve as statements by NRB as an association expressing its support or opposition to domestic legislation, cultural movements, judicial decisions, geopolitical or international issues, or events of particular importance to NRB members. The full text of the resolutions is available here.

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