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February 4, 2010

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Manassas, VA – The NRB Convention’s Night of Music on Sunday, February 28, promises an evening of praise and worship featuring 1000 Generations, Austin’s Bridge, The Blackwood Brothers, Echoing Angels, Ginny Owens, JJ Heller, Justin Unger, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Rush of Fools, and others.

1000 Generations

1000 Generations
1000 Generations is simply addictive piano-driven rock born from a place of honest worship. 1000 Generations is passionate for writing honest, unguarded lyrics that cry out to God. Worship Leader magazine called their debut “the best new worship album of the year.” 1000 Generations is intent upon seeing people connect with God—whether followers of Christ who’ve believed for decades, or pilgrims experiencing worship for the first time. “We believe that if someone has a real experience with God, that it will change their lives, and lead to a chain reaction where the lives of those around them are also changed.” This is the heartbeat of the band’s calling and name—1000 Generations.


Austin's Bridge

Austin’s Bridge
Austin’s Bridge is made up of “rocker” Jason; “soulful-bluesy” Justin; and Mike, who’s a “country” guy. They come together to make music and find something that is going to affect people. Austin’s Bridge, with a fresh sound, is bound to become a force in Southern Gospel music. Their sound combined with their youthful look and playfulness is sure to help draw new listeners to Southern Gospel music.




The Blackwood Brothers

The Blackwood Brothers
Singing the Gospel for over 75 years, the name Blackwood Brothers is synonymous with Gospel Music. Their music has been heard around the world on radio, recordings, television and in personal appearances. The Blackwood Brothers formed in 1934 in Choctaw County, MS. They have recorded over 200 albums and toured in 47 countries and have won eight Grammy Awards and six Dove Awards. They were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN, in 1998.



Echoing Angels

Echoing Angels
New INO Records band, Echoing Angels, maintain full-time jobs while also managing a full touring schedule, and recording their debut album You Alone. Leaving their other jobs behind will come in due time, but band members agree that obedience to God’s call in their day-to-day lives will be the source from which Echoing Angels will thrive in its music and ministry. “Obedience isn’t just about following a call to ministry but it’s a call that God has placed before each of us personally.”



Ginny Owen

Ginny Owens
In a celebrity-driven world, it’s rare to find an artist of any genre who isn’t driven by fame, fortune and the next big hit. But singer/songwriter Ginny Owens has always been one of a kind. Despite a degenerative eye condition that left Ginny completely blind, music just made sense to her, quickly becoming a lifeline for both understanding and communication. Inspired by her family’s deep love of hymns, Ginny’s new album Say Amen features hymns both old and modern. Pulled from the well-crafted traditional songs, Say Amen displays Owens in her element as an innovative worship leader and song interpreter.



JJ Heller

JJ Heller
JJ Heller’s disappointing basketball debut her freshman year of college led her to pick up a guitar during her sophomore year of school. That same year, JJ met her future husband, David Heller. Shortly afterwards the couple began playing her songs in the San Francisco Bay Area. “I grew up loving creative writing. Once I learned to play the guitar, song writing came with it,” said JJ, who has been a full-time singer/songwriter since the spring of 2003. Six years and three full length records later, JJ’s acoustic-folk sound and heartfelt lyrics have netted the Nashville-based artist a loyal following.



Justin Unger

Justin Unger
Justin Unger is a rising worship leader and recording artist, but it’s doubtful many would have forecasted this career choice earlier in his life. “What really drove me was meteorology,” Unger explains. In a new role as Lead Worship Pastor, Unger says, “Becoming a pastor has been so inspiring, even in my songwriting.” His current project, Disengage, is a focused worship album. Unger also recently released a unique album, To Know You Love Me: Songs for the Stillness, which he describes as a devotional project; hoping people would have a time of devotion by using their Bible, and the words of the songs.



Kristyn Getty

Keith & Kristyn Getty
As Keith & Kristyn Getty stand at the helm of an emerging group of new hymn writers today, it seems the church need not fear the death of the medium in this modern age. With songs that are timeless in theology and melody, much akin to the prolific works of Wesley, Crosby and Newton, it’s not hard to imagine the esteemed roll call of the church’s greatest writers will one day include the name Getty, as they carry forward the great standard of the hymn for generations to come.



cropped ROF WinterPic.jpg
Rush of Fools

Rush of Fools
Starting up as a small band in Alabama, Rush of Fools had only played for a short time before entering and winning a contest called “Band with a Mission”. Rush of Fools soon recorded and released their self-titled debut album with Midas Records. They are known for their 2007 hit single Undo, which was the most played song of 2007 on adult contemporary Christian music radio stations according to R&R magazine. Their second single, When Our Hearts Sing was the seventh most played song of 2007. The band’s name was taken from the Biblical passage, 1Corinthians 1:26-31.


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