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July 23, 2012

Kenneth Chan
Director of Communications






In advance of “The Cable Act at 20” hearing in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation tomorrow, NRB affirmed the vital importance of Must-Carry law for religious TV broadcasters, who provide valuable service to American TV consumers.

Dr. Frank Wright, President and CEO of NRB, declared, “Congress and the Supreme Court were right in establishing and upholding today’s Must-Carry law. Religious TV stations providing valuable content and services for their local communities have blossomed in recent decades. I encourage Senators to recognize the important place of these ministries for TV consumers and to uphold sound and unobtrusive Must-Carry law.”

Must-Carry law enables many local television broadcast stations, including religious stations, to be viewed on pay-TV platforms. Today’s Must-Carry rights were enacted by Congress in 1992 under the Cable Act and upheld by the Supreme Court in 1997. Congress then found that cable systems have an “economic incentive” to “delete, reposition, or not carry local broadcast signals” and that, without Must-Carry rules, the “viability” of broadcasters “will be seriously jeopardized.”

Dr. Wright’s letter to the sponsors of The Next Generation Television Marketplace Act (H.R. 3675/S. 2008), which would remove “Must-Carry” provisions of federal communications law, outlines NRB’s Must-Carry concerns in more detail. He declared: "Specifically, by eliminating “Must-Carry” rules for local commercial television broadcast stations to be viewed on pay-tv platforms, rules that have been in place for decades, this legislation could be fatal to many Christian TV stations and may harm the ability of millions of Americans to continue accessing the religious programming on which they rely".

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