August 16, 2016

James A. Smith Sr.





Tech Corporations Push Agenda of Religious ‘Intolerance and Discrimination,’ NRB President Says

WASHINGTON (NRB) – In response to reports today that TechNet, a coalition of major technology company senior executives, has urged Capitol Hill leaders to discriminate against religious organizations, National Religious Broadcasters President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson made the following statement:

“These corporate giants are sadly pushing an agenda of intolerance and discrimination. I wonder how many have even read Rep. Russell’s commonsense amendment language. Many religious organizations provide invaluable community services in partnership with government, but directives coming out of the White House have caused confusion about their status. Why should executives at Apple, Comcast, and Google want to deny such faith-based organizations access to guarantees already in statute in the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act?”

TechNet has taken aim at language authored by Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.) in the House-passed FY17 National Defense Authorization Act. Contrary to the claims of opponents like TechNet, the Russell amendment does not alter employment discrimination law. Rather, it simply makes clear that current law recognizing the rights of religious organizations to take into account faith in employment decisions applies to those ministries providing public services as government contractors, grantees, and the like.

Dr. Johnson added, “Faith should not be checked at the door of public service. In fact, it is their faith that makes these organizations strong and effective. I urge the leaders of these powerful tech companies to be wary of the hypocritical rhetoric of the far Left and, instead, to tolerate the beliefs of those who do much good for the communities they serve together.”

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