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December 13, 2010

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Read NRB’s related  “Future of Media” FCC filing, and learn more about the John Milton Project for Free Religious Speech.

Washington, D.C. –  The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) has launched the John Milton Project for Religious Free Speech. This significant undertaking has two goals: (1) to catalog and publicize the activities of private media entities – like recent actions by Apple and Facebook – that threaten First Amendment principles of free speech and/or free religious expression; (2) to monitor government interference in all forms of media and offer policy alternatives to potentially intrusive legislation and regulations. “The First Amendment, in our day, is suffering trauma from a thousand small, but not insignificant, cuts,” says Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President & CEO. “In order to fully comprehend the collective damage to our most basic freedoms, it is necessary that we catalog public and private efforts to undermine it.”

The office of NRB’s General Counsel is coordinating the John Milton Project. “This important effort will monitor the threats of anti-Christian censorship on new media platforms, as a result of decisions and practices in both the private sector, and those made in the public, governmental sector,” says Craig Parshall, NRB’s Sr. Vice President and General Counsel. “We will be releasing periodic reports on what we see, and what we think should be done about it.”

NRB has named this project after 17th Century poet John Milton, who provided history’s first and most notable moral argument against England’s tyrannical restriction of the printing press. “Fighting for the freedom of Christians to communicate the Gospel of Christ on every media platform known to man is a battle no less momentous than the struggle Milton faced in 1643,” says Parshall. “Our prayer and our mission is that every eye, and every ear, through every from of electronic and digital media, will have access to the Word of God. We must counter all attempts by local, state, or federal government to intrude upon the rights expressly granted to Americans by the First Amendment, through regulations like localism and other misguided efforts that would lead to content control or blatant trampling of free speech.”

Click here to read Craig’s Parshall’s NRB Today article introducing the John Milton Project for Religious Free Speech. To learn more about NRB’s position regarding government and the future of media in the United States, click here to download the February 18, 2010, filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Comments of National Religious Broadcasters in Response to Public Notice – The Future of Media and Information Needs of Communities in a Digital Age.
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