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July 14, 2010

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Manassas, VA – The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is deeply disappointed by yesterday’s U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit ruling that struck down the FCC’s policy on fleeting indecency. NRB filed an Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court in support of the FCC’s indecency rules, and our association applauded the Supreme Court for affirming the indecency rules as a “reasonable” FCC regulation. The appellate court ruling now changes the landscape, making the issue whether or not the FCC regulation against indecency violates the First Amendment.

“While understanding the difficult challenge faced by broadcasters who could be charged with ‘fleeting’ indecency violations over which they had little or no control, the court has unfortunately created an indecency loophole through which you can drive a truck,” said Dr. Frank Wright, President & CEO of NRB. “Left unchallenged, this decision will likely result in a flood of ‘unscripted’ profanity at times when there are likely children in the listening and viewing audience.”

Craig Parshall, NRB’s Sr. Vice President and General Counsel, also commented. "The Court of Appeals decision is disappointing but not unexpected for those of us who have not only been watching this issue but who also filed briefs with the Supreme Court in the first Fox appeal,” said Parshall. “I would urge the FCC to pursue a review before the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals turned a blind eye to the core reason behind the indecency rule in the first place: the need to create a safe haven during a part of each broadcast day for families with children at home."

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