Your 2012 Investment: Expert Advice & Training

Public PolicyOne of the most important investments you can make in 2012 is to make the most of the information you already have – and fill in whatever gaps exist. Only NRB’s Convention & Exposition delivers a way to do that seamlessly.

The Innovation Exchange provides creative, round-table sessions where you join peer-led discussions that are guaranteed to include experts in your field. Solve a problem, find out what’s working (or not working) for other organizations in your industry, or just take your dreams to a whole new level. The take-home value is unsurpassed.

Do you have more technical questions? This year’s brand new Technologies for Worship Magazine (TFWM) Training Pavilion will provide extensive, hands-on technical training for house of worship volunteers, technicians, leadership staff and worship teams. Does your house of worship know about this important opportunity? Tell them today.

What is one of the biggest, most explosive threats to the free speech rights of Christian ministries? Hear it first-hand, as four legal and public policy experts engage each other over the “hate” label at the NRB 2012 Public Policy Debate, moderated by NRB Executive Committee member and nationally syndicated Moody Radio host Janet Parshall.

But that’s not all – especially when you consider the amazing array of educational programs offered at NRB 2012 – any one of which (if you could find it elsewhere) would cost as much or more than your entire convention registration. Ever wonder how to best use the dizzying world of social media to target your audience? How about developing young leaders in your organization, or fundraising and branding your products in the best way possible? Are you on the technical end – wondering how to cut time and save money in editing, or produce effective guerilla videos? And what does the research show about actual audience consumption of Christian media? Perhaps you’re a content creator who needs a fresh approach, or you need to know the latest legal requirements in order to meet FCC regs. Even if you’re in management, there’s an educational session at the NRB Convention that will give you new insights and jump-start your creativity for the year ahead.

Would you like a sneak peek at the impressive list of presenters at NRB 2012? Click here for your personal invitation from Chris Skaggs, Elizabeth West, Arnie Cole, Phil Cooke, Larry Ross, and others. Join us in Nashville… You’ll wonder why you waited so long to make your reservation!