Where Do You Get Your News?

NewspapersThere is some surprising information about where we get our news, according to the Pew Research Center. In their annual State of the News Media Report  released this week, Pew found that radio is holding its own, with a majority of Americans (51%) still getting their local news from radio, outdistancing both newspapers and the Internet. The study also found an increase in the amount of news coverage of local issues in general. That finding is a rebuttal to those media pundits who, over the last few years, had complained about the supposed decline of local news coverage, resulting in part in the launching of the FCC’s multi-year investigation of the “future of media.” That proceeding generated a number of radical proposals for government intervention but none were ultimately embraced by the Commission. The Pew report also found that the volume of viewers tuning into television broadcast stations for news has increased, and to a lesser degree, news viewership has also increased among cable networks. The audience for online news sources has also increased by 17.2% during the last year, according to Pew. Click here to read the full report.