Web Disclosure Rule For Radio?

Magified disclosureEarlier this year the FCC proposed forcing TV broadcasters to post online the complete contents of their “political files,” which, up to now have only been required to be kept physically at each licensed station. NRB has opposed this suggestion, which is still pending, with General Counsel Craig Parshall noting in a Comment filed with the FCC that this change could expose private citizens involved in political campaigns and issue-advocacy to the same kinds of “startling acts of harassment, retaliation, and violence” that were meted out to supporters of traditional marriage in California’s Prop 8 debate under a similar Internet posting requirement. Read NRB’s FCC Comment by clicking here.

But now, according to Aaron Mercer, NRB’s Vice President of Government Relations, a House Amendment HR 3309 was offered by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA), which would have expanded a mandate even further to include radio broadcasters – and would have also required the listing of the identity of any donor who gave at least $10,000 for what was vaguely defined as “political programming.” While this amendment was defeated in committee yesterday, Mercer says to be on the lookout for similar proposals to surface again.