Valuable Career Advice Available at NRB 2012

Career BuilderHave you ever asked yourself whether or not you can make yourself valuable to your employer? Or whether or not you can change the culture at your workplace – even if you’re not the boss? Or other important questions related to employment? If the answer is “yes,” make plans now to attend the Career Hour sessions at NRB 2012.

The Career Hour will take place on Saturday, February 18th, Sunday, February 19, and Monday, February 20 from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m., outside the Delta Lobby B area (next to the Member Center). Panelists at the Career Hour sessions will explore topics like the following:

What can you do to make your boss notice your abilities – without bragging?

What can you do to foster a servant-heart culture in your organization?

What skill sets are in demand today at great workplaces?

The Career Hour has been designated to include a time for questions from the audience and you are encouraged to talk with the panel and moderator at the end of the session. Be sure to look over the job announcements and internships posted on the Job Board near the Member Center. Copies will be available.

Contact Judy Stephens, Member Services Assistant, at or call her at 703-331-4510, if you have questions.